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    Well welcome aboard the One Piece fan club, Hamako-chan!

    Manga 683

    Ooh~ the cover story just took an interesting twist!
    Commodore Yarisugi & G-5 Marines vs. the Caribou Pirates (including Coribou)
    We might actually get to get some of Coribou's fighting abilities.

    Whoa, so Monet has snow Devil Fruit powers!
    Seems a little out of place with her character theme, though.
    I'm guessing that it's going to be a Logia type, because she seems to be able to merge with the snow.

    Classic Luffy, to do something that's genius and moronic at the same time. XD
    I have a feeling the "Garbage Can" might be inspired by a scene from Star Wars...

    Poor Chopper, trying his hardest to hold off steroid-crazed super kids...But then help arrives! :D
    Did anyone else think that Robin looked like Hancock in the panel right before the children attack her hands?

    Poor Law, gettin' beat around like a punching bag.
    Vergo is using his hardening-like ability again.
    I wonder when Oda will tell us what it is exatly...
    Although, Law does get in a few hits himself.
    I wonder exactly what "Counter Shock" does...
    Alright, time for the Vergo vs. Smoker fight! :D

    I' osrry that I didn't notice this before, but congrats to LightningAlex on ranking up to Crewmate.