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Like many others here, I think if we were to have one it would need to be a dual type, or the type to boosted next gen like XanderO said. Pure Poison Pokemon have a small movepool of STAB moves, with only a few worthy for a
Legendary. Poisons average stats aren't that great either.

chart poison by

And they don't have very good resistances either. But, if they could introduce a few new nifty abilities for poison types as well as some new moves, it would be cool to see a Legendary with Poison as its primary type. Its design could be really cool as there are lots of options for poison. It could be a experiment gone wrong or it could be a big snake or frog or something along the lines of something venomous.

Tl;dr, I'd like to see the Poison type given a boost next gen and a Poison/Dark speed orientated legendary.