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Of course, you guys care more about offsets. The images can be found in unLZ, but the palettes and raws are a bit harder to match up, so here, have some offsets.

477374 - Dodrio Image (.bmp)
47218C - Dodrio Palette (.pal)

477198 - Score Image (.bmp)
4721CC - Score Palette (.pal)

475968 - Berries Image (.bmp)
4721EC - Berries Palette (.pal)

475B3C - Far Background Image (.bmp)
47216C - Far Background Palette (.pal)
478590 - Far Background Tilemap (.raw)

4763CC - Close Trees Image (.bmp)
47214C - Close Trees Palette (.pal)
4787FC - Close Trees Right (.raw)
478A4C - Close Trees Left (.raw)

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