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Julia Blackwood - Heroes' Loft
Julia waited a moment as Kiba began to wordlessly moving away. It took her a moment to decide to follow. His silence kind of concerned her, just a bit. Not long after his explanation seemed to assure her there was nothing wrong, which quelled any phantom of a doubt in her mind. He abruptly cut off mid-sentence and started talking to what she presumed to be one of his pokemon however.

Julia simply observed what happened next, unable to really get a grasp on what was going on. Kiba seemed fine with it anyway. Didn't ask her anything. He proceeded to start doing what looked like an oddly aggressive dance with his lucario though... which ended with him getting struck. Julia flinched, a disturbed expression appearing on her face. She opened her mouth as if to say something, but quickly squelched her thoughts, turning her back on the scene. Truth be told, she couldn't watch this. It caused her a great deal of anxiety. All of a sudden, a somewhat loud crash was heard from somewhere not all that far off. Julia was incapable of telling what in the world it was, but it startled her... A hose then proceeded to turn on on it's own, drawing Julia's attention as it reared up to spray Kiba and his pokemon with water. ...Well that's actually kind of funny~ The disembodied giggles caused Julia's cheeks to pale a bit. ...Something was amiss.

She turned to face Kiba again, a worried look on her expression. "Kiba..?" she called out in a fittingly nervous tone. She really didn't have to finish her thought. He presumably knew exactly what was on her mind. Julia took out two pokeballs and sent out MacGyver the haunter and Ice the sableye. Ghost and dark types tended to be fond of this sort of trickery, right? Both of Julia's pokemon promptly displayed their signature rather eerie grins at Kiba, each very wide and jagged. Ice's was a full-on cheshire grin, and MacGyver's...well... it might remind someone of a famous carved halloween pumpkin style. Neither seemed to have anything to say despite having been cooped up in their ball for so long, at least not yet.
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