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^^But I feel like that would fit in here. I see Other Chat and Discussions as a place where debates on peoples rights, news, current events, laws etc. so anything whose focal point is entertainment would be here. And I always saw Other Voting Polls as a place for pols/surveys about people's life and their lifestyle, their personality, features about their life - not what their favorite football team is. That's my take at least.

Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
Why not just call it the Pop Culture forum so we can have PC in our PC?

And the walking dead? Have they made a zombie TV show? Ugh. There's already too much zombie-media at the moment and with Halloween coming it's just gonna get worse.
That's what I used to think at first too: "Ugh, not another zombie thing, zombies are the next vampires, let's get over this trend already..."

But then when I watched it, it's less about the zombies (which are called walkers (it sounds less ridiculous/magical to me at least)) and about the people's reactions. It's almost like Lord of the Flies, how some people try and keep everything normal, how a leader emerges, how some go crazy. And it's also a horror/suspense movie wrapped up in an hour long episode! It's really dark and intense.