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The Distortion World (やぶれたせかい Torn World) is an alternate dimension into which Girantina was banished by Arceus.

The Distortion World. The twisted and warped home of the Pokemon Mascot of third game of the DPPt series, (Platinum): Girantina. What were your thoughts on this strange dimension? Did the puzzle profile somewhat confusing? Or was it easy to solve? What atmosphere did it create while you were playing it, if any? How about the aesthetics aspects of the place? Did you think it was visually appealing, or an eye sore? Did you think the Distortion World had a good amount of substance/storyline content? Did it fulfill the criteria of a good backstory? Did Girantina's design complement its habitat? Or vice versa?

I loved the Distortion World. It was a great side-quest having to solve the puzzle with the help of the three lake guardians. The aesthetics were quite the eye candy and I thought the puzzle weaved through the dimension was quite challenging and quite enjoyable to get through. I also liked the fact that you could hope onto one floating island to the other, and the dimension as a whole (if I dulge into detail - the music in particular), really created a a tense and dramatic atmosphere when battling Cyrus.

What were your thoughts on this strange dimension?
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