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Originally Posted by Rainy Garden of Fire View Post
Hello! Well, I'm back. With a challenge idea. I would like to make it myself, and I just need some criticism on it and how to make it validated successfully (as in, making it better so it can stand as a thread). I just found an ASCII challenge. Here's how it goes: You specify a certain sentence. Later, I'll find out what it'd look like in ASCII code and determine the Pokemon that they can use from that ASCII code. Example:

User 1: A great revelation.
Me: 65 32 103 114 101 97 116 32 114 101 118 101 108 97 116 105 111 110 46. Out of all these numbers, the Pokemon chosen from these numbers are...No. 6, No. 3, No.1, No.111, No.77, and No.99.

Like that. Of course, the Pokemon chosen would conform to a must be available to catch before mid-game (before the 4th badge). It must be able to be caught in the game. Stuff like that. Well, that's all I can say about the challenge. It's pretty simple.

EDIT: Oh yeah, can I make the thread and be delayed on participation? I want to do it in B2, but I don't have it...yet.
Sounds interesting, but I would try to make it so anyone can actually do the conversion, since threads that are dependent on the thread owner assigning teams don't usually last very long. Maybe try to make it simpler or something? idk.