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Originally Posted by FlyingBeastie View Post
My online name is FlyingBeastie, have no idea why but I like it! I'm British (Sang the national anthem at the Paralympics closing ceremony, I am so Patriotic ) and yes, I do drink tea everyday.

I got Pokemon White 2 on the 13th October, so I'm not too far on that...
My first Pokemon game was Ruby, got it from my parents along with my now dearly deceased gameboy advanced SP (In a nice silver) for a christmas so long ago.

I'm now a College student hoping to get good enough grades to go to the University of Bath to study Biochemistry, but I still make time to play Pokemon and spend time with my Boyfriend.

I hope I'll have a nice time here, from what I've seen so far everyone seems to be really nice
Hi FlyingBeastie, welcome to PC!

I am Hikari, and I have been a Pokefan since 1999. Just like you, I started with 3rd Generation as well so I guess we're a mirror match. I enjoyed 5th Generation more though.

PC is a nice friendly community with trained moderators and admins, plus loads of topics to discuss. You'll have a fun time here and if you ever need to talk feel free to shout a VM to me.

Oh, and Oshawott is the cutest!

- Hikari10
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