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    Name: Savanna Hollingsworth
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female

    Savanna is a rather average girl, with a semi athletic build that is easy to miss. Savanna stands at about 5 foot 3 inches, and weighing in at around 110 pounds. Her general appearance gives off the vibe that she is simply an innocent little girl. Her hair is a dark brown and is roughly shoulder length, with short bands over her forehead. Her hair has no other really noticeable features as it is not curly and has a regular texture to it. Her eyes however are what give her look its true statement, as they are a piercing green color that is not found too much around the Hoenn region. As for her complexion, it is fair, but by no means pale, as she is not a real fan of tanning.

    Savanna’s attire is rather simple as she only truly cares for the function of her clothing. That being said she wears knee length jeans shorts, that are starting to fade, from the clear amount of use over the years. On her black belt you will find a small brown pouch that is filled with a couple of trinkets that Savanna uses for different reasons. One of which is for picking locks. Her shirt is a plain black t-shirt with no markings on it. Every now and then she can be seen sporting a light gray hoodie over the shirt, but if not it is usually tied around her waist or in her backpack. Also in her backpack is a pair of black gloves as well as other fundamental supplies she needs for her trip. Finally her sneakers are black with a blue stripe that runs around the entire shoe.

    Savanna is a rather mischievous girl. More often than not she is sneaking around trying to get information, out of people and the environment, or just people watching. On occasion she is known to steal some things, but mostly it is for her entertainment, as she only steals from people she knows, whether it be an acquaintance or a loved one. Despite all of this Savanna is a rather caring and sweet individual. Those close to her will often find that she tries to help them in what way she can, though she is not known to go to extreme lengths for anybody. One of Savanna’s biggest traits is her intelligence. Savanna is able to deduce and solve almost any type of puzzle or conundrum that is put in front of her, and usually she will not stop until it is complete. In her thirst for knowledge she has leaned many things, from how buildings are constructed, to learn general layouts, to how and what type of theft crimes are committed. The only thing to note is that to those that she does not know very well, Savanna will mask her intellect, only to appease what is her tendency to try to fit in. Another trait to note is that in order to get a case or puzzle wrapped up, Savanna is not against manipulating others to get the job done.

    Savanna was much like any other girl from the small city of Mauville, living as a middle class citizen. Her father did work as a local detective and her mother stayed at home to raise her and her three siblings, Savanna being the second youngest. One of her favorite pastimes growing up was playing the game “who done it” with her two older brothers and father. The game would involve the children taking something that was not of too much importance to their father and hiding it somewhere in the house. The father would then try to figure out who stole the item as well as what was taken, and where it was hidden. The result was usually Savannah winning as she not only hid items well but managed to frame her brothers for her crimes so she never got caught.

    As Savanna got older she refined her skills in the game, and as a result her ability to sneak, as well as her aptitude for deductive reasoning rose greatly. Her father truly started to take note of his daughter’s talent when she was about 13. It was mostly because children’s personal belongings at school kept mysteriously disappearing without a trace, only to turn up weeks later in someone else’s possession. In order to properly nurture Savanna, her father began to take her to his office after school hours until it was time for him to go home. While there he would let her read through old case files of many different thefts, avoiding showing her the more violent crimes. Soon enough Savannah was able to piece together how some of the smaller crimes were committed, and as a few more years rolled by she began to get even more proficient.

    By the age of 16, Savanna’s father as well as some of his coworkers began to trust the girl with some of the theft cases they were working on, she didn’t always solve them, but when she did it always led to the future arrest of the criminal. One day while working on a case that should have been an easy solve, Savanna felt something unsettling. Before she knew it what seemed like a huge earthquake struck. Knowing that such an occurrence was seldom where she lived Savanna and the other officers in the building began to evacuate. Outside was even more chaotic than thin the building as people ran through the streets nervous, and anxious to get to their homes before they were destroyed. The policemen that could, tried to take control of the situation by leading people to the pokemon gym and pokemon center, which were the two most structurally sound buildings in the city. In order to avoid much trouble Savanna headed the advice of the other officers and waited in the pokemon center.

    After more quaking, and from what she could tell from the sounds outside, many buildings collapsing, Savanna’s family walked in. Her mother was followed by her two brothers and younger sister, with no sign of her father. Savanna needed no reassurance from any of them that her father was ok. The type of man he was already told her no matter what he would be fine. In the midst of all of this trouble he was probably doing his best to lead others to safety. It took about 7 more hours before her father arrived to the pokemon center. He looked exhausted, as he was covered in debris, with various cuts and bruises decorating his body. He informed his family that their house was one of the ones that didn’t make it through the quake, and that they would have to start building it from the ground up again. Savanna was not one to take this news lightly, but it was then that her father suggested to her that she take the opportunity to see and learn more about the world. He let her know of a nearby professor who may be giving out pokemon and that she should try her hand in that, as she was gifted in everything else she tried her hand in. With little more convincing, the girl prepared to set out and start her journey.

    Starter Pokemon: Aron
    ****Under Construction****