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Name: Abigail “Abby” Gates
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: A mere 5’5 in stature, Abigail weighs around 119 pounds. Her hair, a dirty blonde, is brushed mainly to the right side and made into a braided ponytail that falls on the frontal ride side of her body. The dirty blond isn’t Abby’s natural hair color, in fact her legit hair color is a dark brown, nearing on the side of black. Then again, you can’t really see her hair much other than her ponytail, due to a faded grey earflap hat. Her eyes are a lively hazel color, that hold a slight sign of innocence. Her skin is a light brown, tan color due to her heritage. Abby possesses a slim, but not petite body. She doesn’t necessarily take precautions when it comes to her body, she just sorts of lucks out with what happens to it. Her attire is rather plain if anything, in fact it falls on the side of lazyboy or more appropriate, lazygirl. She wears a purely white, half-sleeve shirt and a pair of red plaid pajamas. Comfortable and not flashy at all, just how she likes it. A pair of black mid top sneakers with white bottoms are her preferred footwear. Completing her look is a yellow wristband she found when she was a kid.

: Abigail is often reserved, excluding a few side comments or actions here and there. She doesn’t speak often, nor does her expression change. She has a tendency to maintain this sort of blank, expressionless face. But trust me, a lot of emotions and thoughts are running and clashing in her mind. On the outside though, not a lot is going on. Abby sort of maintains this nonchalant approach to nearly everything she does, but when it comes to things that truly excite and thrill her, a rare showcase of actual emotion occurs. Although a reserved individual, if one asks, Abigail tends to be brutally honest and impartial with her statements. Although honesty is a good quality, at times it can be a hindrance because the reality of her words can offend those who ask. That, in most cases, puts people off from attempting to befriend or get to know her, and it doesn’t help that she appears bland and boring as the clothes she wears.

That being said, for the most part, Abby is a rather agreeable person in the sense that she’s willing to go along with things, unless they contradict her own values and moralities. She’s not one to take charge, for the spotlight is not her favorite environment. Also unknown to others, she has a fear of disappointing others who expect something of her. She copes with this fear with her nonchalant approach towards things, so she has a fallback on why she failed, if she does that is..

: Born into an unstable family and a slum of a townnnnn, Abby rather had to live up to normal responsibilities that other kids had to. Her parents were far too busy drinking and consuming holy burrito branded food to give a hoot about her doing anything. Thus, Abby never went to school, but kept herself educated in other ways, books from the town library. But if you thought that she had all the free time in the world as a kid, you were wrong. Due to her parents instability not only in their relationship, but job-wise, Abby had to work from time to time, attempting to support them and provide clothes and food for herself. Miniscule labor and odd jobs, whatever paid nice that wasn’t too out of the ballpark. Unfortunately, the three incomes didn’t always pull them through the tough times, and Abby would have to resort to theft. Due to the already high-crime rates of the town, it wasn’t much of a challenge to avoid the small overworked police force of the town. When Abby, wasn’t working or stealing, she was either educating herself or watching old television re-runs. Without much of a proper influence from her parents, and thank the heavens for that, Abby’s behavioral influences and values often came from a combination of random television show characters. Although, in the end, those influences didn’t do much to mold her actual personality.

On the inevitable day of disaster, Abby had been in the library. It hadn’t been built on stable ground, causing it to collapse to the quake felt throughout the entire region. Fortunately, Abigail had barely made it out before it could’ve done her any damage. Others weren’t so lucky to be already on their way out when the first pillar collapsed. It didn’t help that the library was built from old architectural methods. Most of the town hadn’t been harmed, the earthquake had left the small, poor excuses of houses, but all the buildings of decent size were nothing but ruins.

In Abby’s town, news travelled fast. She had heard that a neighboring city had been hit far harder than her’s, and that their region-famous department store was now in near shambles. She got the message, quick, heading over to the city, hoping to luck out. By the time she had gotten there, it was too late, the store was cleaned out, no looting would be commenced today. But something else waited for her there, a note and a girl, striking familiar looking to her. The only difference was, she was dead... she was probably an unsuspecting shopper who had died in the quake’s destruction. The note itself read for the girl to meet an esteemed professor, Professor Oak of Pallet Town for a certain journey. Her name, almost as if by coincidence, was Abee. Abby, smirked, the plot began to make itself clear in her head. She had always wanted to get out of her crap town, and her turds of parents probably wouldn’t even notice her disappearance. Besides, if this poor girl couldn't go, someone else should for her.

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