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I'm going to try to make my updates a bit more neat now.

Right now I'm trying to train all of my main Pokemon to at least level 40, since Galvantula got a big level boost and was basically overleveled compared to the rest of my team. I plan on evolving Vice soon since he's getting a bit behind everybody else. I aslo finally got around to training Espeon and was rewarded with him learning Psychic. I also have been training a Leavanny I caught in some shaking grass a while back. Leavanny is proving to be a tough fighter. I caught Cobalion, but I don't intend on using him, since I plan on trying to EV train all the legendarys I get. I have also caught a Roserade, Dunsparce, and Camerupt, but I also don't intend on using them in the main game. That about wraps it up.

To Do List
Train current team to at least level 40
Evolve Growlithe (Vice)
Evolve Servine (Venix)
Evolve Krokorok
Catch a Water type Pokemon

Catch a shiny Pokemon

Current Team

Espeon (M) Lv37
Braviary (M) Lv35
Lucario (M) Lv37
Venix the Servine (M) Lv35
Vice the Growlithe (M) Lv36
Krokorok (M) Lv38

Boxed Team

Leavanny (M) Lv40
Galvantula (F) Lv42
War never