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Penultimate team immediately prior to Victory Road.
Will post again when I've finalised everything.

Porygon w/ Amulet Coin
- Tri Attack
- Conversion
- Shadow Ball
- Recover

Azumarill w/ Leftovers
Huge Power
- Waterfall
- Aqua Ring
- Ice Punch
- Charm

Scolipede w/ Scope Lens
Poison Point
- Poison Tail
- Rock Slide
- Strength
- Screech

- Discharge
- Acrobatics
- Volt Switch
- Thunder Wave

Altaria w/ Draco Plate
Natural Cure
- Dragonbreath
- Roost
- Mirror Move
- Cotton Guard

Flareon w/ Charcoal
Flash Fire
- Fire Fang
- Quick Attack
- Fire Blast
- Scary Face

Originally Posted by o Pikachu o View Post
Level 72
~Scald (don't know what else to give it...)
~Muddy Water
~Ice Beam
My Advice: Scald; Ice Beam; Aqua Ring; Haze. Give it Leftovers.
Vaporeon is a good wall and excellent Dragon-counter. The lack of movepool variety inherent to the Eevee family doesn't lend Vaporeon particularly well to being a general purpose powerhouse despite its base sp atk. If you really want to use it for that though, I would suggest Scald, Ice Beam, Signal Beam (tutor move) and Shadow Ball.

Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
Hah! Atelast 80% of all the teams I've seen includes Riolu/Lucario, must be popular with it being available so early on in the game.
I expected everyone would use N's Zorua/Zoroark.