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The only console I don't have that I want is the Vita but there still aren't enough games on it for me to reeeally want one so it's not gonna be on my list.

I'll mostly be asking for games this Christmas but I don't expect to get much of anything on my list since it's mostly imports. @_@
- Pokemon Black 2 (DS)
- Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney (3DS JP)
- Professor Layton 5 (3DS)
- Bravely Default: Flying Fairy (3DS JP)
- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3DS (..3DS JP)
- Journey (PS3 collection thingy)
- Okami HD (PS3)

My list is overwhelmingly Nintendo handheld, haha. And mostly everything has come out in the last few months or will come out by the end of the year so for once it feels like an actual "Christmas" list.

...that said, I might go in with my brother and ask for a new PS3 because our shared one died and that leaves my brother with no actual console of his own to take to university and co-op placements and whatnot. I've got access to one so I don't need one but I feel bad about him not having anything. :( So that's not wildly exciting or something I'm even looking forward to but I guess the slim is something new?
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