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    Name: Warren Ainsworth

    Age: 15 years old

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Warren doesn’t have a refined, elegant appearance to him because he never really grew up with money. He has a more edgy, scruffy look about him. His thick wavy brunette hair that is carelessly scuffed about and he has wide hazel eyes. He’s a pretty boy with a lot of natural beauty, he was luckily enough to avoid acne in his teenage years and his skin looks really good. Although he doesn’t have any polished or taken care of features, although he would catch people’s eyes. His dress sense is rather plain because he never cared much for fashion or anything like that and almost detested trying to look good. His style comes across as a skater boy. Warren wears brown cargo pants which reach just below his knees. Which have pockets on the sides of each hip. His most noticeable accessory is the necklace with a silver poke ball, which he always wears on his neck. He also has a grey hooded t-shirt that he is generally wearing. Some people assume he has style but you can’t really tell but Warren doesn’t really bother with his appearance and wears what he feels comfortable in. For Warren's shoes he wears standard black sneakers. Warren is a 6 foot tall, which stems from his father who was also a very tall man. Warren has a very well defined and toned, athletic body thanks to the numerous physically activities and sports he has undergone his entire life. Sports played a huge part in his life and he grew a little bit of an obsession with gym training, so that helped. He has a well-defined body and but it’s not over the top muscle but it fits in well with his height and age. He’s a very natural tan on him and it makes him kind of exotic and foreign. His shoulders are rather broad and his jaw line is very defined and structured.

    Personality: Warren isn’t rather emotive and it shows when you first meet him. He comes off as rather cold, closed off and detached from his feelings which comes from his unstable past. His disclosed persona has always been a troubling factor in his life and it stopped him fitting in, his entire life. He’s a rather focused and level headed boy with not a lot of things to care for. He’s pretty much a one man army and isn’t used to companionship or family being there for him and it’s shaped the person he is now. Because of his isolated past, he’s used to be alone amongst humans but he feels at home when surrounded by Pokémon and takes great care of them. His trust for people doesn’t come instantly. It takes a while for people to gain his trust and it takes a series of trials and situations before he puts his trust in anyone’s hands. He is very cautious with strangers and his does come across as very shifty and mistrustful whenever he meets new people. It would take alot for him to trust another human being but when it does, you would think twice to break his trust because he doesn’t believe in second chances and wouldn’t hesitate to forget you.

    If there was one thing he could count on in life, it was his love for Pokémon and their companionship. He’s always been rather connected and freer when Pokémon are concerned. Whilst living in the foster home, he never spent much time with the other kids but in the garden, hoping to catch a glimpse of a Wild Pokémon running about and he did, many times. His was always taught that Pokémon were made for companionship and they were looking for a partner and he felt like Pokémon were his kindred spirits and formed this connection with them. The only time you’d see any sort of real emotion is when he’s surrounded by Pokémon or battling. He can’t explain the feeling he gets from them but he just feels like they could do no wrong with him. He comes across as very competitive when battling. He’s also very intense and serious when it comes to anything trainer related. He’s very analytical and is often seen paying a lot of attention on opponent’s strategies to come up with their predictability.

    Warren’s lack of communication is made up for him being very observant to his surroundings and he takes a weird sort of pride in this - because he likes Pokémon, and feels more connected with a Pokémon if he knows something about them, like their characteristics, so he observes them to help himself. He picks up on things other people fail to notice and that trait helps him battle. You could say that he’s a very shy around people but most wouldn’t notice it because he hardly has much to say to people. Although, but he slowly overcomes this as he becomes more interested and involved in something; hence why he is rarely nervous or withdrawn whilst battling. Courage when it's needed, typically a pacifist. Overly helpful and dedicated to any task that he takes.

    Backstory: Warren didn’t live a relatively normal life. He never grew up in a family with a mother or a father but he grew up in an orphanage. His mother died when he was just 4 years old and since there wasn’t anyone else around to take care of him, he was put in care to be raised with a dozen other children just like him. He was generally a bright kid who was happy but when his mother died, he became quiet and withdrawn. The only person he ever knew was gone and he didn’t really understand why she was. He never really opened to many people around him except for his foster carer, Annabelle who was very sweet to him and took care of him. He learnt of his only living relative, his father being alive and when he was set to be placed there, things changed.

    During his life growing up, he was never sure where his place was and how he fitted into this isolated world. He was a very misunderstood kid because most people assumed that he was being cold and mean to them but all he wanted was to be left alone but others because essentially gave up on life at an early stage. At the age of 9, he was very much known in the home as the kid you wouldn’t want to be around. Although the kids could relate with one another, they didn’t talk about their shortcomings in life but moved on. Warren couldn’t move on. He was plagued with the anger that consumed him because he didn’t understand how his mother could just abandon him like that. How she could just up and leave. He was too young to be told the full details of her disappearance but she supposedly died of cancer. Everyone thought it best not to tell him about it to protect him from it. He grew angry towards the lack of knowledge he had about his mother until he was sat down by Annabelle and she told him everything. He soon softened his memory of his mother and was soon a little more sympathetic about his past. He soon moved on from his anger towards his mother and focused on himself. But the new information he had learnt made him more withdrawn and cold towards other. He never really tried to make any friends at school or at the home; he just made do with the Pokémon he dreamt about.

    In comparison to the child he was and the teenager he was now, Warren was very different because of how his life panned out. Him being an orphan and having nobody in the world made him a rather closed off person who was very suspect of everyone and everything around him. He didn’t trust well and never allowed people get too close to him because he honestly didn’t see the point. He felt that people never stick around and they’ll leave as soon as you’re comfortable with their presence. He wasn’t going to make the mistake of caring about someone because he just couldn’t deal with the pain of losing someone again. He felt that people weren’t reliable as Pokémon were and he grew a strong love and connection for them which still remains rather strong to this day.

    When he was only 7, he met a Pokémon on his way back from school. He had decided to ditch the other boys and went an alternative route home because he couldn’t really stand their company. He went through the patchy forest where he met an injured Phanpy in desperate need of help. He decided to take it to the Pokémon Centre where Phanpy got treatment. Warren decided to stay and see how it was doing and after hearing news that it was going to be fine, Warren was about to leave but Nurse. Joy thought it best if he took care of Phanpy. Warren couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take care of Phanpy as his own and took him back home. Although, he knew that he wasn’t allowed to keep it, so he found a way to keep it hidden from everyone. He built a small shelter for Phanpy in the far end of the garden, visiting it often.

    During the events of that changed the world, Warren was left in a state of shock and with panic washing over the town, he was left on the outside, watching everything unravel. Watching the news every day, feeling helpless for those Pokémon, he one day vowed to help out and fight for the Pokémon.

    Starter Pokémon: Charmander