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So basically, this debate is about whether or not Black and White were the right next step in the pokemon saga. (as if you didn't get that from the title :P)

Things to think about...

Some Positives:
- All new pokemon
- "Reboot" (allowed new players to enter franchise smoothly)
- On DS system (even though 3DS wasn't released yet when BW came out, the 3DS was disregarded by many as a waste prior to the price drop, etc)
- More complex storyline
- Perfect score of 40/40 (not exactly a pro, just throwing it out there)
- Online features
- As the first of two, helps create a more developed game for BW2 (and vice versa)

Some Negatives:
- All new pokemon, no old ones to fall back on, "replacement pokemon," etc*
- Alienated old players somewhat (all new pokemon, a whole other part of the pokeon world, online features even, etc)
- Still on DS system, not moving up to 3DS
- Basically same storyline overall, not super innovative. Could be seen as not helping a "dieing franchise" (basically not a big enough leap or any leap forward depending on how you view it)
- Dwarfed a bit by BW2 (again, depends on your opinion)

So get debating! Remember, this is a debate, so you can always argue for the opinion opposite of yours. It'll probably be fun/spark and intense discussion! ;)

*As an integral part of the game, I know the pokemon will be a HUGE part of this discussion, but please don't make this into an "old pokemon vs new pokemon" thread. We already have several, including another debate. Feel free to discuss the pokemon, but as a part of your argument, not the sole entirety of it. Thanks. :D


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