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Originally Posted by Hiroshi Sotomura View Post
Being on the DS is a pro, now? :P (I know the 3DS wasn't even out on the Japanese release, but still...)

I wouldn't hold the perfect score as a pro to the franchise, either. That's pretty subjective.

I sorta feel the Pokémon games were going to sell really well anyway, like every other game has. Black and White's reboot feels like it's given the whole franchise a bit of a kick, and that's good - if Black 2 and White 2 coming out are a good indication.

Though I'd like to hear how you feel Black and White allowed people to easily enter the franchise and how the other games failed to. They certainly marketed them as a reboot, but (subjective, yes) I feel like I got sucked into the marketing more and in hindsight, the games aren't massively different.

I also contest the con you wrote about Pokémon potentially being seen as a dying franchise - it's not really showing, given the games are going strong and games are still coming out year by year. Are you sure who say it's dying aren't misled or biased? (These people don't check facts that often, believe me.)
Ah. good points. I edited the first post, and explained why it is a pro to some people.

As for entering the franchise, this is just something that I've heard, but I do agree with it. Since EVERYTHING about BW was new, (aside from the basics of a pokemon game) new players wouldn't feel quite so overwhelmed by jumping into a massive world, as the games before just built on top of each other, not in a way that it was impossible or difficult to jump in, but that made the idea a little more daunting, perhaps. BW, however, were introduced as a completely new game, new pokemon, new everything, to appeal to the audience who hadn't jumped in to the pokemon franchise yet. It's true the games aren't massively different but the point I'm trying to make (and I say trying because I'm feeling somewhat tongue-tied right now :P) is that a major difference is how it was marketed and all the new pokemon made it seem like it's own stand alone title. Hopefully my struggles to explain it made any sense to you. D:

As for pokemon being a dieing franchise - sure, that's subjective. But this con was meant for the older fans to think about, (i.e. genwunners) and for fans of BW to consider. Sure it isn't really showing, but the point of this debate is to see if BW were the right next step. And if BW isn't doing anything to help the franchise, in fact possibly turning people away, then that could be viewed as a start. (of the series dieing) Also, I meant "were the games getting to repetitive/similar," but phrased a bit differently But you do bring up a good point. Instead of Pros and Cons, I'll put it as Positives and Negatives, as that makes more sense :)
(and also, I do agree that these people may be misled or biased, but they do make up a sizable chunk of the pokemon fandom, so if they all leave, it certainly puts a dent in Pokemon's revenue.
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