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Originally Posted by rainerman3 View Post
Hello, sorry I haven't been active recently, because I was busy doing... stuff. Well anyway, here's my move:
Name: Aura Senses
Type: Fighting/Special
PP: 5
Power: -
Accuracy: -
Description: The user focuses and dodges every enemy attack for 3 turns, until a move is used.

I was thinking of a protective move for Lucario and I came up with this. :P
Oh and this is good since then you can use items for 3 turns. So yeah.
Oh wow, this would be completely over-powered in competitive battling - I love it. xD Lucario would be propelled straight up to ubers with this move, and that's where he belongs! :D I'm not that knowledgeable about Lucario's move pool so the what I'm about to say may be false, but if he had this move he'd be able to get in three consecutive stat boosts before using Aura Senses again to give him three more, and continue like that until he's pumped up beyond even Arceus being able to kill him - that to me sounds insanely cool and very deserving of Lucario! It should be the badass of all Pokémon, it deserves to be. :D

Originally Posted by Lucario9129 View Post
I want to be reborn as a Lucario!
This line fascinated me; what do you mean? :o

Originally Posted by OokamiReki View Post
I'm currently looking for other things this club can do for fun other than questions and discussions all the time. We used to have contests, but we haven't had any in a while. However, I don't mind starting another one if everyone in the club wants one and agrees to the kind of contest it is. (Like if it's a drawing contest, etc)
Ooo, I love competitions, let's have one! :D A drawing contest could be fun, I'm getting a drawing tablet soon so it'll be cool to have a chance to try it out! Although people can't usually be bothered to enter them... xD Who here would want to enter a drawing contest? :D

Originally Posted by Lucario9129 View Post
As far as moves go, I like all the previous ideas! Lol I would love the idea of a Riolu as a starter Poke'mon in the main games. Keep everything about him the same, just offer him as a starter, kind of like what they did with Pikachu at one point exept let him/her be able to evolve. Because if I'm not mistaken Pikachu in Poke'mon Yellow would turn down a Thunderstone! Anyone else like this idea?
Riolu would be a very cool starter Pokémon, I love this idea :D The only problem is finding two Pokémon to be offered alongside it that wouldn't make the starters unbalanced, which is difficult to say the least haha. I think it's the perfect candidate to be a starter though since it's tough but not too tough, it's very interesting to train/use, the friendship evolution is symbolic of what a starter should be, and it's a very well-known Pokémon so lots of people will use it - in short I think it's a good idea someone go write to Nintendo. xD