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OMG OzCake I can agree that Sewaddle is ttly cute in the anime! ^_^ The moment it said "Sewa-wa" I literally died of cuteness. xD I actually find the whole line of Sewaddle very adorable.

Who I find toughest in the anime, is Bulbasaur. Remember the episode when Ash's Bulbasaur was hurt and is trying to evolve, but refuses to? He found a flock of Saurs at a garden and in that episode he learned Solarbeam. He saved the mysterious garden and learned a new powerful move, now that's what I call toughness!

New topic for the club guys!: Do you think there should be a grass/fighting starter, just like Fire starters have fire/fighting? Why?

Originally Posted by zid_sen View Post
Partner Pokemon: Snivy,Shaymin
Password: The light of sacred power! Seed Flare!!
Topic Answer: the strongest and cutest?
OMG! It is Shaymin of course!
In the movie Girantina, it is really cute and naughty in it land forme.

And when it became sky forme, it became beautiful,still cute and really tough! I want to chow it!!
Access Denied xD The password is not that. Please double check the first post for a hint.

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