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    Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
    Do you prefer the classic Mario games or the modern, 3D platformed(64-Wii)?

    Honestly, I prefer classic games because basically I grew up with them when I was little. I had a hard time adjusting to the new technology when Mario 64 came out, which was really graphic-y and...modern xD. Replaying the classic games, including Mario World, I can always relive those childhood moments and beat the game like no tomorrow. xD
    That's real good. Because of how this generation lives now, I'd have to say I prefer the current modern 3DS games. You can more around more & actually have more fun doing so. That's just my 3rd degree to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I love the classics as well, but the 2D doesn't allow you to entertain yourself running in circles with Mario like it can in Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine/Galaxies All in all, I think the 3D is a bit more challenging, & I love a challenge. The classics were just fun & easy games in my opinion. Like a lot of what you do in the classics is mostly just jumping on top of the villain's head. Which in the modern games, there are so much more techniques to do today. To be honest, Super Paper Mario was amazing, it had both 2D & 3D (The 2D has the classic feel to it), so I love games where you can switch back in forth in. Although the Thousand Year Door was the best