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    Originally Posted by Critx View Post
    Welcome to PC!

    I hope you enjoy your time spent here :D
    Thanks Critx! I sure will!

    Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
    Hey there, Viktor! Welcome to PC, it's really good to meet you. :3 I'm Cirno.

    Oh, you're Russian? So am I, actually! I was born there, in fact, and moved to the US at the age of seven haha. That's really quite cool; very rarely do I run into Russian people besides myself, honestly! Looks like we already have something in common. :D

    I'd definitely recommend purchasing Black 2 or White 2 (or both!) since they were really wonderful games. The previous Pokemon games were great too, though, as the franchise is just addicting in general. Metagross and Golurk are both great Pokemon, though I admit I was quite surprised to find out Golurk could learn Fly, admittedly. But after seeing him fly in the anime, I realized it actually made sense aha!

    So yeah, enjoy yourself here, yes? We have sections for pretty much everything on PC and plenty of people to meet, so you'll undoubtedly enjoy your stay here. Feel free to contact me if you need help, as well~! <3
    Thank you Cirno! So you are russian as well? That's incredible, honestly, I have the same situation you have: I barely run into other russian people myself!

    Hopefully, I'll be able to buy Black 2 (Or White 2, maybe both, like you said) in the next few weeks.

    I will most definitly enjoy being here! Everyone here is very nice and kind!

    Although, I will admit. I am kind of new to foruming (Is that how it's spelled?), so I'm sorry if I post anything unrelated to the thread it was posted to.
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