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    Don't you all think that Grass/Bug is good to be a starter too?
    Leavanny is the example, it is so beautiful,cute and something really strong~

    Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
    I didn't know that's how everstones were used! I'll have to remember that.

    As for grass/steel, I would see it as more like wall, similar to Torterra but even more defensive. And all they'd have to do was give it a cool signature move, like some sort of iron branch move? Lol I don't really know. Grass rock would be nice, since all we have is Cradily... :/

    Basically I just want an awesome tank of a grass starter XD
    Yeah, Grass/Steel going to be really cool, but gamefreak need to make a grass/steel pokemon that has not weird apparance like Ferroseed!
    Something cute~

    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    I love this idea, the Grass/Steel hybrids you described sound insanely cool. The only thing I do wonder is if that would really suit a primary Grass type...? There aren't too many physical Grass type moves bar Leaf Blade (which would be perfect for the Pokémon you described, but not much variety ;p) and I can't imagine them wanting to bring in a tonne more just for a starter Pokémon... I do think it's a great idea but I can't see it being overly practical for a Grass type to have this sort of character x3 However being completely hypocritical and going against what I just said; I'd love to see a Grass/Rock type with similar characteristics to those listed above, it could but utterly epic to train a partner like that :D A huge moss covered stone sword for it's arms with vines attaching them to it's body so it can swing them around and stuff... Ahh that would be so epic. B)

    On a serious note; *shoves Everstone down Treecko's throat* MEGAN DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY PARTNER >:[[[
    Yeaaah! I'd like to got a starter that Grass/Rock, and maybe,
    It's something like a mossy rock~

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