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What musical skill impresses you the most and why?

The ability to express real emotion through composition or execution. Sure anybody can learn to make their fingers fly over guitar strings or learn to beat out rhythms on drums. It's when there's that secret talent of putting the oomph behind it that makes it truly special and amazing. Sometimes music "has it" and sometimes it doesn't. I'm sure true musicians know what I'm talking about XD.


Won a few more awards with my UTAU skillz. Mostly using Toad's UTAU which has made up the basis of nearly all of my self-made USTs. Howeeeever, I've got a few new UTAU to work with lately and I am excited! One of the UTAU is even getting a ripsync model for her first song video and my mix will be going along with it~. So exciting! XD I'll have that video up ASAP with her, but you can hear a sample of the music here:

I think the final one will be full VCV. This was just a CV mix.

Other than that I've sang a few little things here and there with my friend Kitty-chan. Including starting up Misty's theme from Poke'mon which I still need to finish a final mix of:

And a little piece I just sang for Kitty all myself. No mixing or music or anything with it.


And a little sample of the K-hop music from the video game I'm working on.
Composed by NN
Directed by Toad, Kurui

Not done yet obviously, just has the groundwork and beats done and being played with.

Anyway there's a few of the things I've worked on/am working on/finished/etc.

It's been a busy past few months. More follows soon. DX I am such an active musician lol I swear I'm doing something musical every day ......
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