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    This one will be hard :

    Dark: Umbreon, or scrafty. Umbreon it is cute and has good moves , Scrafty, I like its design, even if its German name is stupid I am not such a big fan of fighting types but I like that it is dual typed with dark.

    Steel: Skarmory: Coolest bird ever, and it has such a good defense. I love its shiny version too :D

    Ghost: Gastly , I love its TCG cards :lol:

    Salamence, or garchomp. Hm I like blue and they are both strong pokes. worth the training :D

    bug: Leavanny. I know it is weak but it is actually a big Pokemon that I like from the start . I like its combo too even if its a weak one. nice colours

    Ice: Sneasel , it dark too and I like dark pokemon.

    rock: Tyranitar. It is dark as well, it is one of the only rock pokes I like though. I am not big into rock pokemon but I do like this one.

    psychic: Unown, I don't care if they are not exactly battle fit pokes, but I like their mystery and I like collecting them all. they are cute, and I love the TCG cards as well :D

    Ground wampert. best starter ever especially against electro :D

    Electro: Electabuzz. Awesome design , and i like electro anyway.

    Poison: Crobat . not a fan of poison, but crobat is awesome , fast and good colo.

    Grass: Tropius. a flying palm tree dinosaur , how cool is that?

    Flying: Staraptor. bad ass bird, bst of the starter birds.

    Water: Vaporeon. best eeveelution, and i love water pokes.

    Fighting: hariyama. Kendomon, yeah best looking fighting one.

    Fire : typhlosion: my fav fire starter, only gen where i would start with one :D

    Normal : Furret . Cutest normal poke :D