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Originally Posted by Keiran777 View Post
It was Nikola, Ampère and Fleming. By far my favorite reference in the game. :D I haven't noticed any other easter eggs, though. :<
I noticed in Elesa and Skyla's Memory Link scene that there is a reference to Airplane!. It's when Elesa says "And don't call me Shirley!".

I also loved the reference with the three models names, being named after scientists who worked in electricity = Nikola Tesla, John Ambrose Fleming and Andre-Marie Ampere. Never even noticed that naming theme until I read TV Tropes.

Also, that guitarist in Roxie's Gym is named Billy Jo, which is probably a reference to Green Day's Billy Joe Armstrong.

There's also a Rocky reference going with two Black Belt trainers, named Rocky (duh) and Drago.

Three of the Pokestar Studios directors are named after John Carpenter, David Lynch and Takashi Miike. Even some of the movies' titles have references, notably being A Tale Of Two Cities, The Reluctant Dragon, Rip Van Winkle, Gulliver's Travels, Encyclopedia Brown and Alice In Wonderland.

And there's an artist named Gough who has a Sunflora on his team, referencing Vincent van Gogh and his famous "Sunflowers" painting.

Trust me, TV Tropes caught a lot of references in the game.
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