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Definitely were the right step. Getting out of the repeated pattern that DPPt brought back after R/S tried to get rid of it (same Pokemon, while R/S did make an effort to seperate it and make a whole new world, they didn't really succeed at it as well as B/W). Having the deeper story I think was also better too, as it meant that those playing the games had something to draw them back in. I think just overall starting all over again in any extent was a good step, given that from what I've seen people didn't necessarily have the best reaction to Sinnoh/the Sinnoh games.

However, @ Golurk, I think the storyline wasn't really the same overall, as it was just at the end it repeated the past. While it'd have been great for it to be a brand new thing of change the world without evil intentions, it still was different enough imo. As for the part about B2W2 I think that at the time, BW was considered to be revolutionary, but B2W2 was just... more-so. I think they should really be separated for this kind of thing tbh, because B/W wasn't released with the public knowing B2W2 were on their way, so I think if you treat it as a single event it kind of stands out more. I hope that makes sense!
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