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Pokemon White 2
OT: Lilith 32323
Game Time: 24:09

I went on a catching spree in Seaside Cave, but I ended up using a Golduck I caught around the Village Bridge as my Surf slave. I battled basically every single trainer until my team reached level 50 or so. I easily wiped out Marlon’s gym using Electivire, Crobat’s Giga Drain, and Infernape’s ThunderPunch. Excadrill was sort of losing his steam, so I deposited him and got a level 40 Therian Landorus.

I decimated Plasma goons once Landorus learned Rock Slide and Earthquake. I loved the music in the battle against Colress. The Ghetsis battle was laughable after I used Landy's Swords Dance. Shame on me. Well, I'm on my way to Victory Road. I'll take my time with this since I love this new route.

the party
:: Keiran the Electivire :: Level 54
:: Mac the Crobat :: Level 53
:: Taro the Huntail :: Level 54
:: Luke the Flygon :: Level 50
:: Darkness the Infernape :: Level 52
:: Amaimon the Landorus :: Level 58