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Originally Posted by Mr155555 View Post
so What is Your Team Once you get This Game My Team Once I get This Game Should Be Like This
1-Samurott (Since i Picked Snivy in White i Decided to give it a try)
2-Lucario (one of my all Times Favorite Pokemon)
3-Ampharos(I Decided To Use A Pokemon From My Old Heartgold Team and Ampharos Was A Bro There)
4-Flygon(Like Ampharos I Used It in My Original Heartgold Team And I Know How Awesome Flygon Can Be)
6-Espeon(Gotta Have My eeveelution)
Pokemon, Ability and Moveset: (please rate Thanks!)
Emboar @Reckless
-Wild Charge
-Head Smash
Serperior @Contrary
-Leaf Storm
-Hyper Beam
-Dragon Pulse
Staraptor @Reckless
-Brave Bird
-Double Edge
-Close Combat
-U Turn
Swampert @Moldbreaker
-Giga Impact
-Ice Beam
Glaceon @Ice Body
-Hyper Beam
-Ice Beam
-Shadow Ball

(For Legendary)