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I think we have a right to know who made comments on our posts, either remove the feature entirely or keep it so everyone can see the comments, it shouldn't be a staff only thing, we should all be able to see. People are much less likely to make snide remarks about posts when they know people can see them, so I don't see much of a negative to this.

Sure it might "cause drama" but if what someone thinks of your post on a Pokémon Forum is so important to you then really. Perhaps they are "pointless" but they're still a used feature, so I'm against taking them away, but we definitely should take it away if you're not going to let us see who is making the comments on the things we post, because that's not fair at all. Another alternative would be to make everyone unable to see who made a comment, either everyone should have it or no one should have it, in my opinion.
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