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    So, I was referred to come and signup here by a friend. So if you read this Bastian, ha! No more indecisiveness.

    Anyway... I really do hope it's good enough. If there are any issues, please let me know. Thanks! :D
    Name: Paige Cooper

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Paige is a lithe, somewhat athletic girl of average height. People wouldn’t describe her as skinny, or fat, but somewhere in between. Her hair is about the most eccentric thing about her. A bombastic, curly knit of fire red hair crowns her head. Hair that was the bane of her existence when growing up, but slowly came to like as she got older. It comes down to about mid shoulder blade, it contrasting perfectly with her green, almost jade colored, almond shaped eyes. Her nose is petite, with a slight slop that curls faintly at the end and her mouth is round with slightly thinner than normal lips. The rest of her face is unmarred except for faint freckles that pop against the pale tone of her skin.

    Her clothes, as they stand now, are mostly utilitarian. A light windbreaker, forest green in color over a black tank top and black skinny jeans. Her gray hiking boots were recovered from a recent scouting trip, a half size too small, but better than the shoes that she had initially been wearing on her trip to see her parents. An argyle scarf is seen wrapped around her neck and small messenger bag draped across her torso. The only other item of note, is the small lamp pole strapped to her back that serves as a weapon.

    Personality: With a personality that matches her hair, Paige is fiery, but not overbearing. She is fiery when the time is right, when others are being kicked and they need an advocate. She struggles with a strong sense of right and wrong. She knows she has to survive, but she fights to still stick with her morals in this now distraught world.

    Paige is very caring, partly the reason she desired to go into the nursing field. Often times, she will put herself in harms way to help another person, even if she never met them before. Underneath all that fire, someone would find an introverted insecure person. She keeps people at a distance, her care for them evident, but never really letting others know the “real” Paige. In the world today, she tries not to tell anyone that she is a nurse. The thought of others knowing terrifies her. Would they try and take advantage of her? Kidnap her?

    As strong as she pretends to be, she is scared of a great many things. The reason her Happiny know flash, is because of her aversion to darkness. This Happiny is her closest friend, but she fears to let her out of the ball every time she does because of being at risk of getting infected.

    History: Born and raised in Viridian City, Paige’s childhood was pretty standard as most go. A happy family life, two brothers, and a mother and father who did their best to provide for them. She was a bit different from the other kids however. Due to her proximity to Pallet Town and the Pokemon League, most of the kids in her city desired to be great trainers and champions. Paige never desired that for herself. She wanted to help others and do whatever she could in that regard.

    When she was old enough, Paige went off from home and began to train as a Nurse. Her goal, to help humans and pokemon alike. She loved her education and future profession. On the last stages of her education, Paige was enrolled as an intern to the Pokemon Center in Celadon City. It was a dream, she had always wanted to live in Celadon. She spent her time going through the motions, her training and advancement progressing at a reasonable clip. Just before her official graduation, Paige took some time off to go and visit her parents back in Viridian.

    She spent her days reminiscing and enjoying the off time, but also excited to get back and officially graduate. Strange reports had begun to surface of Pokemon infected with Pokerus dropping dead for seemingly no reason. Paige had heard about the Pokerus fad and monitored it with only professional interest. She had even diagnosed a few pokemon back in her time with the Pokemon Center. It was always viewed as a beneficial thing however, Pokemon shouldn’t have been dying from it.

    The news stories spread like wildfire and soon, it wasn’t just rumors anymore. Paige volunteered at the Viridian Pokemon Center to help with the epidemic, but nothing could be done. Things soon became gridlock, the healthcare system shutting down under the load. Then the unthinkable happened, these dead pokemon resurrected themselves, but not how they were. They ravaged anything in their path, spreading the disease and death in their wake.

    The world was never the same after that. Her and her family became shut-ins as the world around them turned inside out. They had a meager stockpile of supplies, but nothing that would last forever.

    One day, when Paige had been in the cellar arranging their ever dwindling supply, bandits came. They burst through the pathetic barricade her father had constructed for their doors. Out of fear, Paige hid in the only spot she could find, an old wardrobe with slats that granted her a partial view of the horrors unraveling around her. Mother, Father and both of her brothers were dragged into the cellar, forced to reveal where all the stockpiled goods were and mercilessly executed in front of her eyes. It took everything in her power to hold in the screams of terror that fought to release themselves. These bandits, seemingly satisfied with their score, left without ever discovering her.

    Here she sat, alone, nobody but her pokemon and the bodies of her loved ones to keep her company. Paige ran from that house as far as she could, she swore never to go back to that house again. She took refuge from whoever would offer it, but kindness wasn’t common now. She continued on alone, never staying in one place for too long in Viridian. Yet she remained in Viridian, her fear paralyzing her from the journey through the forest to the north.

    Pokemon: Happiny
    Nickname: Scrambled
    Moves: Pound, Charm, Heal Bell, Protect, Flash

    Opening Post: “Hey Scrambled,” Paige rolled over and shook the little sleeping Happiny that had dozed off in the soft glow and waves of heat coming from the fire place. They had found an abandoned house a day earlier, a stroke of luck, one of the few they ever got. “Did you hear something just now?” She asked as she raised her torso into a seated position.

    “Pi, Pi” The petite pokemon tried to wave her off. Scrambled always hated to be woken up.

    “No, I really thought I heard something just now. Kind of like a thump.” Her eyes surveyed the surroundings of the abandoned house and its living room. It was hard to see outside of the fire’s light radius. “Maybe I’m just imaging things again.” She laid her head back down, her gaze locked firmly on the ceiling above her. Ever since her family died, she began to imagine terrible things lurking around every corner. Even in broad daylight, she didn’t feel even the slightest bit secure. It was like somebody ripped off what little security blanket she had and burned it in front of her eyes.

    “Scrambled, you awake over there?” Her voice but a whisper in the still night. No verbal answer came, which funny enough, was an answer in its own right. If only she could be as blissfully unaware as her Happiny. Would she be better off? Or would it serve as a detriment? Maybe being untrusting was the new norm. One thought kept nagging her in the back of her mind, why was this house abandoned?

    It didn’t take long to find her answer. Just as her eyes began to get heavy, a pair of hands grabbed her by the throat and pinned her to the ground. She could hardly breath, speech was an impossibility.

    “Just what do you think you’re doing here, woman?” A raspy voice crawled its way out of the back of her assailant’s throat. “Don’t you know? This is our house.” The shrouded figure gestured behind him to reveal others who were watching with twisted pleasure. “You think we’re just going to sit by and let some squatter She-Poochyena take it over? I don’t think so, baby.”

    Paige struggled to free herself, her arms were pinned down to the ground with his knees. She had to find someway out of this, they were going to kill her, or worse yet, keep her alive. Quickly, she brought up her leg in a quick motion that surprised her attacker, her knee catching him prone. He rolled off her in agony, his howls finally causing Scrambled to wake from her slumber with a fright.

    Paige raced to her feet and pulled 'Scrambled' to her chest. The others came rushing in for her, her back quickly hitting the far wall of the room. “Scrambled!” She shouted in fear and desperation while closing her eyes. “Use flash!” A bright, blinding white light filled the room, the pursuit of her assailants cut short as they stumbled around in confusion. Paige saw her chance and bolted from the house, her feet carrying her as far and as fast as she could go. She didn’t even notice the change in scenery as she entered Viridian Forest, her head only telling her one
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