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    Why are you all trying to compare this to the civil war?
    The civil war was about a lot more then secession.
    If I thought this was going to do anything then i'd sign it myself,the "U.S" has gotten worse and worse,and it doesn't show any signs of getting better.
    Obama himself stated that "the constitution is outdated" but even still you people voted for him.Why? could I forget...he got you a phone.
    Furthermore,how can you not see how bad the TSA has gotten? they don't do background checks you've got rapists,pedophiles,and people with a god complex "keeping ya safe" by groping you,your women and your children,how can you stand for that?
    I mean,come on people,there's a man in Dc that's lying through his teeth straight to your face,and you're accepting it. Whatever happened to that sense of freedom? That Never Say Die spirit that made this country great? Because we seem to have lost it,and we're falling apart now,forgetting who we were.

    As for those who are complaining about the petion have been started:
    "If you make peaceful revolution impossible you make violent revolution inevitable" - John F. Kennedy

    Wake up America,your country needs you.

    {Never and Forever}

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