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Originally Posted by ShinySearcher01 View Post
You know kinder surprise is actually illegal in the states? Something about a choking hazard. And our smarties are so much better than the American ones. :P
Originally Posted by Frostweaver View Post
Was that the reason? I thought that it's because it has "milk" in it (oh gee, what type of non-dark chocolate doesn't?) I only know that story and brought it up here because there's the story about the lady going to America with kindersurprise, and the border guardds held her up for hours and charged her 700 dollars for violation bringing "illegal and dangerous goods across the borders" or something.
I believe Kinder Surprises are illegal in the US because it's illegal to include toys as an incentive to buy candy. This seems weird to me because (I think?) they're still allowed to include toys in cereal boxes but I guess it would make some sense if the law was specific to sweets and candies. Still a bit weird though.
Originally Posted by Frostweaver View Post
I know right? ;_; a childhood without kindersurprise...

More "canadian" issue now that it's Rememberance day for us: there's some discussions lately that students can opt out of Rememberance day because it is "offensive." Parents can sign opt-out forms from Rememberance day related events in school. In this article, supposedly there's very little students who do this. One opted out of any/all patriotic events, while another cited religious reasons.

What do you think about this, fellow Canadians/Canada-lovers?
That... seems really weird to me. :( How is it offensive at all? Even for people who aren't Canadian, it's a good reminder to stop and think about war and what it means. And hell, if you aren't Canadian you're still living here, making use of our schooling system, and being supported by the country those people fought hard to protect. I just can't think of a single reason it's offensive or why anyone would feel the need to opt out. I always really appreciated the ceremonies growing up.

I don't really understand the religious reason either. I can't think of a religion that would be against something like this. If anything, wouldn't most be okay with the idea of remembering and honouring those who fought and died to protect the greater good and peoples' rights? If the argument is that the Remembrance Day service is tied into a religious service... wtf are you doing at a religious school? @[email protected];