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I'm agree with (Ste)Elix and Golurk :3

My reflection is thinking about Greek mythology. More exactly Gaia, mother earth and also one that embodies the existence and life, in other words: the nature.

● First, its type.
I think obviously the type plant. In the elements exist, I think the type plant embodies the best of nature.

● Second thing, the second type.
Or do you would add a second type?
The best improve its capacity and power, who knows?
- Grass / Dragon.
That would be great! We have an idea that a dragon is rather protective aspect than anything else. It embodies respect and power.
In addition, to have a huge weakness to ice, it would be logical that fear ice (X4). But more resistant to fire, because it is a dragon (X1)
Unfortunately we too embody power by dragons, maybe we should see other stuff?

► Grass / Ground
Two very interesting things. Two types, which are part of the whole nature.As Torterra, they have the same weaknesses. With both types, although it embodies Gaia.

► Gass / Rock
Unfortunately, this type of assembly is quite weak because many weaknesses. I think more about Grass/Ground types.

► Grass / Poison
A good combination, despite what is seen and classic.

► Grass
One type. Why not after all.

▬> Everything depends on our vision and our symbolic towards nature.
Grass and Ground would be embodied in Gaia, controlling nature, plants, and ground.
Grass and Dragon would be the aspect of "protective" and powerful.
Grass and Poison embodies well the next "wild" and dangerous nature.
Grass and Rock would be just as well as Grass / Ground. But would lean more towards advantageous aspects Grass / Ground.
Grass. Mundane, but equally significant nature.

● About its attacks. I think about:

Leaf Blade / Energy Ball / Earthquake
Swords Dance / Leaf Tornado / Synthesis
Giga Drain / Leech seed

And an attack made ​​especially for him. An attack that raises the SPEC.ATT two levels.
Used 5 times.
Power: 90 or 100
The name would be: Wilderness.

● And the name of this Pokémon is ... I can't say it in English, I can say it in Ukrainian only :3