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    Pokemon League challenge #1 is complete. Now to train for the second one and complete this Single Monotype Challenge~

    1. Hyper Potions (70) -> 64
    2. Full Restores (70) -> 70
    3. Revives (30) -> 29
    4. Max Revives (5) -> 3
    -Battle Flows


    This battle was pretty easy. Set up a Swords Dance with Fiona, took out Cofarigus. Chandelure showed up, got Bulldoze'd by Nanako, with a Crit for the win~ Drifblim came out, tried to Thunder with Erisa, missed. Got hit with a Shadow Ball and tried again, and hit. Golurk came out, Leaf Blade with Fiona.


    Led off with Empress to Attack Order Liepard, Acrobatics Scrafty, and Attack Order Krookodile. Had Nanako take care of Bisharp with Bulldoze.


    Had some slight trouble here. Led off with Empress again to Acrobatics ERRYTHANG~ Sawk, however, was faster than me and got a Rock Slide in that knocked me to half HP and flinched me. Used a Hyper Potion to stall for a miss, got one the next turn, then got crit'd by the next Rock Slide.. Had Erisa come in and Thunder to finish this off.


    Pretty simple. Nanako took two Steamrollers to take out Musharna, and fell asleep from Yawn. Erisa came in to take care of Sigilyph with Thunder. Reuniclus took a Bug Buzz, lived, and hit me with Psychic. It got healed, I countered with Electroweb, then followed-up with another Bug Buzz. Gothitelle went down in one Bug Buzz.


    This one got difficult. Lead off with Fiona to X-Scissor Hydreigon right off the bat. 1HKO. Druddigon came out, and I thought I could setup a Swords Dance to try and sweep Haxorus out of the battle. ...Nope. Fiona took a Flamethrower to the knee. I knew Nanako could take a Flamethrower, so she started Bulldozing, with the second getting a crit. Archeops showed up and I prayed Erisa was faster. And she was. Archeops took a Thunder to the neck and went down. Aggron took a Bulldoze crit to the shin. Haxorus.. Nanako got a Steamroller off and flinched Haxorus, so I figure it'll Dragon Dance next turn for speed. I heal, it Dual Chops. I try for another Steam-flinch.. I get Earthquaked.

    I send in Erisa to watch Haxorus get healed, and we follow-up with a Thunder Wave. I Electroweb twice to counter the two Dragon Dances it gets up, only to see I can now finish it with Bug Buzz. Lapras got Thunder'd in the neck in went down in one shot.

    -Monotype Adventure Info

    • Trainer Name - Elena
    • Adventure Started - 11/22/2012
    • Pokemon Type Chosen - Bug
    • Hall of Fame Debut - 11/24/2012 - 12:11 PM (I love how this time is my DS's clock-time...)
    • Total Playtime - 13:42 -> 17:20
    • Number of Badges - 8

    -Erisa (Bug / Electric)

    • Lv. 63
    • Nature: Timid
    • Ability: Compoundeyes
    • Item: Wide Lens (Cause Thunder still misses /sadface)
    • Thunder Wave / Bug Buzz / Thunder / Electroweb

    -Fiona (Grass / Bug)
    • Lv. 64
    • Nature: Adamant
    • Ability: Chlorophyll
    • Item: Leftovers
    • Leaf Blade / Return/ X-Scissor / Swords Dance

    -Nanako (Bug / Poison)
    • Lv. 63
    • Nature: Adamant
    • Ability: Poison Point
    • Item: Soft Sand
    • Steamroller / Iron Defense / Poison Tail / Bulldoze

    -Empress (Bug / Flying)
    • Lv. 66
    • Nature: Adamant
    • Ability: Unnerve
    • Item: N/A
    • Attack Order / Heal Order / Power Gem / Acrobatics

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