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    Whoops, I just remembered :D. I think most people forgot about the club.....
    Luckily we were saved from extinction by you though .

    Ep 21!
    I personally found it disturbing. Omg, it was obvious what they were hinting at when the tentacle guys attacked... if you don't know, you're better off and don't bother figure it out. But, there were two other things that bothered me about them:

    1. Why were they monsters? They're scientists, come on, why be a monster when you can be human? For the looks? Or because being a blob with tentacles is so convenient? And I don't think they're actually monsters and from Cardinal's processor, they must be smart enough to research and you'd need to be human for that. I also think that Yui is an exception; plus it is mentioned that ALO's cardinal version is older than SAO's and therefore not as good, but still pretty darn good.

    2. Why were pain receptors on? Which idiot would leave the option for pain on if you didn't need to? It is default set to no pain, Klein didn't have any in ep 1, and he didn't even know about that feature. So convenient. But I suppose Asuna had to be able to do something.

    And I feel sorry for the cousin/sister (im confused as to what she is: cousin, sister or family friend?) but seriously, its a bit messed up. I think. Poor girl though. I genuinely feel sorry for her, even if she is a cartoon character.

    Eps until now are unravelling... the quality of episodes sucks now really. SAO went downhill... how come he just was like 'Oh its ok sugu we can be friends again and when asuna comes back i might fall for you' he might as well have said that...

    well, i might add some more later, but i seriously hope more people actually talk here. its such an awesome series.
    EDIT: Why wont anyone say anything...