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Side: Gold Tribe
Name: Kyusu "Kasey" Fuella Arashi
Age: 25
Title: Bane
Pokemon Species: Ninetales

Appearance |
Being a cross-breed, Kasey has a number of features that distinguish her from common Ninetales. The tips of Kasey's tails are blue, much like that of a “shiny” Ninetales. Like her brother, she has blue eyes rather than red, and she has a single black stripe on each of her legs near her knee joints. On each of her tails, there are also two black rings: one near the base of each tail and one near the central curve of each tail. Kasey stands at four feet two inches (1.27 meters) and weighs forty-five pounds (20.4117 kg). She wears a crescent-shaped necklace fashioned from diamond around her neck. Due to her Zebstrika blood, she can also generate faint static electricity to an extent that's enough to surprise someone, but not to injure them.

Personality |
Kasey is a calm and collected type of girl. No matter what she feels on the inside, she always attempts to maintain a passive expression and remain quiet. Being a Ninetales, she was born with a naturally . . . bland demeanor. This trait was sent into overdrive after the invasion by the Silver Tribe. Through many years of meditation, Kasey has figured out a way to seem calm all the time, not allowing her expressions or postures to give away any of her inner thoughts. Her younger brother, Sainan, was the only person who could ever see through this guise. Even though Kasey may seem a bit apathetic, and even cruel at moments when her “eerie calmness” seems inappropriate, inside she's just like any other person.

Due to her calm facade, Kasey seems humorless and empty. In reality she's quite the opposite, only showing her bright sense of humor and optimistic attitude around those she knows and trusts, mainly her close family. Kasey is incredibly intelligent and she has an eidetic memory, allowing her to replay most of her life in vivid detail and reflect on it accordingly. Her Ninetales blood gives her a natural judgment and sense of character, allowing her to quickly study and make decisions about other people, although she tries to at least give others a chance to prove themselves as they would for any other person.

Kasey is also greatly courageous, valiant, and stalwart in battle. She is extremely protective of those close to her, and when any of them are threatened, she fights with a ferocity not normally attributed to her by people who know her well, and in doing so she completely forsakes her false calmness. She will fight tooth and nail until the bitter end if she must, and her power only increases as her rage builds. Even in this state, Kasey somehow manages to normally maintain her graceful movements and eloquent strikes, unless she's somehow pushed much too far over the edge, which very rarely occurs.

History |
Kasey was born in Shine City, but she was raised in Gold City after the age of two. Right before her father, Raikus Arashi, moved them to Gold City, an accident had befallen Kasey's mother. Being so young, Kasey doesn't remember any details of the accident, and she has next to no memory of her mother. She was told that her mother was dead, and nothing more, the subject rarely being talked about as it always pained Kasey's father to do so. In Gold City, Kasey's father met an Absol woman named Janette. Not too long later, he mated with Janette and had two sons with her: a Blitzle named Raishuma, and an Absol named Sainan. Growing up, Kasey believed Janette to be her biological mother for a time, until she was old enough to realize that it was impossible for her to be a Ninetales in such a case. Regardless, she viewed Janette as her mother and cherished her younger brothers, protecting and caring for them whenever needed.

From a very young age, Kasey and her brothers were trained to become members of the Gold Tribe, as was a tradition within their family. Kasey eagerly trained for the day that she could be initiated into the Gold Tribe, motivated by too many reasons to count, and some were too small to be of great importance. Two of her biggest reasons were the fact that she was a guardian; a protector of her family that would give her life to do so; and the idea that she might one day learn about her mother through her exploits alongside the Gold Tribe.

Kasey was particularly close with her youngest brother, Sainan. Being taciturn, reserved young boy, Kasey always worried for him and felt it necessary to protect him more so than protecting Raishuma, who was a loud hot-head that could take care of himself. When Sainan needed her, she would come to his side no matter what she was doing, even if it cost her a few friends along the line. In such cases, Kasey was glad to be rid of friends of that type. She was an unintentionally popular girl, and she believed that her family came before her friends, and if her friends couldn't accept that then they probably weren't great friends to begin with.

Being a Ninetales, Kasey had certain . . . abilities that weren't common among many species of pokémon. She could sense life forces, speak via telepathy, read emotions of other pokémon, summon certain curses and influence her environment in a few, rather minor ways. Having no other Ninetales to turn to, Kasey was forced to make sense of these abilities on her own. Kasey also realized from a young age that she might live to be a thousand years old, and even if the fact that she wasn't a purebred Ninetales shortened her life span, even drastically, she would still live much longer than many pokémon were ever meant to. At first this fact excited her, but she eventually came to see the implications of such a gift that it began to sadden her, causing her to view it as more of a curse.

When the Silver Tribe invaded, Kasey was twenty-three years of age and living comfortably with her family in Gold City. When it fell beneath Auron's attack, Kasey stood beside her family and fellow Gold Tribe members and defended it until her muscles gave out beneath her. The battle was arduous, and her family and the entire Gold Tribe fought valiantly, but in the end the Silver Tribe overpowered them and forced the Gold Tribe members to flee. During this battle, Kasey's father went missing, and she and the rest of her family searched for him for an entire year after the battle ended. When nothing could be found and Kasey still couldn't read his life force anywhere, they eventually gave in and assumed him to be dead.

After this, Kasey, her mother and her brothers all traveled far away from the former Gold City and settled in the middle of the wilderness, where no one could find them. They kept in contact with the remnants of the Gold Tribe, however, never giving up hope. By now, Raishuma had grown into a handsome Zebstrika and Sainan and Rai had both found mates, but they would still go out and wander Valkyria as their mates stayed back with their mother. It wasn't long before Sainan left for Liberty Town to aid the main part of the remaining Gold Tribe army in their fight against the Silver Tribe. In the meantime, Kasey and Rai continued to walk their own paths, fighting the Silver Tribe in their own ways. Kasey searched for answers about both of her biological parents, and Rai, ever difficult with working well with others, led a tiny force of pokémon against the Silver Tribe on various missions that Kasey never really heard about.

A few months after Sainan had left with to join the main Gold Tribe forces, Kasey experienced a feeling that disturbed her deeply. She felt as if her own life force was being drained away, and at that point she knew that something terrible had befallen Sainan. He had perished, but how he died was something Kasey did not know. Having now lost three of the most important figures in her life, Kasey went searching for even more answers. Knowing only one sure-fire way of finding any, she planned to rendezvous with the force of Gold Tribe members that Sainan had been traveling with.

Moveset | Hypnosis, Hex, Faint Attack, Flamethrower, Safeguard, Secret Power
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