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    "Right." Zane began to speak, "We should pack whatever we'll need. Bring enough supplies for a week. There's no telling how long this might take, detours and all. I'll meet you all at the gates in three hours, and then we'll head out."

    The rest of the tribe gave nods or grunts of affirmation, then disbanded. Ignus went into town, back to his appartment. He found it partially intact, with hyper beam looking holes scortched around the exterier. Ignus jumped on through a gap, and raided his room for valuables. He found his eblem, thankfully, a few rolls of bread, and his sun beads. He tied them back around his mane, decorating it. He grabbed a roll of bread and some berries before heading out.

    As he walked, he ate. The berries were still good, and the bread wasn't too stale. All in all, a good free snack, but he was still hungry. He walked towards the areas with the most destruction.

    Wow... So much of the city, gone. Houses blown to bits, stores on their sides. This is terrible.

    He passed the spot where he lit the ancients on fire. He stopped and looked at the blood stains and burn marks.


    Disgusted, he quickly looked away and coninued downtown. He went to the loudest place he could find and found a soup kitchen for the victims of the attack. He was starving, so he went through. He guiltily ate his bread and soup, feeling bad for eating the homeless' food.

    Someday, I wont have to take hand outs. I could just buy my own food.

    He finished, returned his bowl and left. After walking around a bit more, he came into the upperclass area. It was deserted, and the houses had taken a lot of damage. He went inside the first one, but only found ashes and a few metal frames. The fourth or fifth one looked more more promising, so he went there. Inside, he found a large bed, in good condition. He cleared off the splintered wood from it, and laid down. He quickly fell asleep, falling into a dream.

    He was in a field. The one he used to play in as a child. His parents, his real parents, were there, but he could only see their mouths. The rest was shaded. They were smiling. Ignus tried to smile back, but he couldn't. His parents looked confused.

    "What's wrong?" they asked.

    Ignus couldn't speak.

    "Why aren't you happy?"

    I am! I am! Why can't you see that? he thought. He tried to smile again, but his lips refused to move.

    Why can't I smile?

    He looked down. His skin started to become lighter and lighter. With tears in their eyes, his parents faded away, leaving him. The sun. The sun was there. The sun was there, illuminating Ignus's skin. From the inside. Now Ignus started to float into the air, his body a bright yellow.

    "Stop!" He shouted.

    But he kept rising, higher and higher. Eventually he was looking down at the earth, miles away from the ground. His parents were there, in the sky.

    "Ignus, why don't you smile?"

    I can't!

    "Why aren't you happy, Ignus? You're the sun. We're so proud of you, Ignus. Aren't you happy? Please should be happy!"

    I'm..not the sun...yet.

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