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    These last couple of years have been a quite bumpy ride for Pokemon fans.
    On one hand there was Gen 4 which i thought was a great gen but overall many consider the worst and some even despise gen 4 then came remake of gen 2 which i thought was a nice addition to the series but en 2 is my least favorite mainly because i rarely play that gen and i just prefer the other generations but that's just m opinion. don't get me wrong i do like it but i have the least experience that's all.
    Anyway Gen 5 came afterwords which i didn't play until i picked up white 2 in October, and boy it was a great breath of fresh air and really expanded on what they can do and many considered to be recovery to the series.
    But anyway back to subject where do you think the series should go next? Should it step in Gen 6 and carry on to a new region or should it stay in Gen 5 and remake the gen 3 games?
    Personally my favorite gen is generation 3 because i just like the game play the best and i feel hoenn was the best region to go around because it was huge and had some great Pokemon ( including IMO m favorite starter 3 especially the torchic evolution) So i was wondering which you should think game freak should go to next :D