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Hack of the Year 2012 Nomination Thread


Welcome to the Hack of the Year competition for 2012! Hack of the Year is a culmination of all of the hard work and effort that has gone into developing some of the best hacks in The PokéCommunity over the past twelve months. This is the time when votes for hacks in a variety of categories to determine which ones are most deserving of recognition.


  1. You may not vote for your own hack
  2. You may not vote for any of the designated ineligible hacks (see below)
  3. You may only vote for one hack in each category
  4. You may only vote once
  5. Sideshow Showcase hacks are not elligible for nomination
  6. Do not vote for a hack because you like the author; make your decisions as objective as possible
  7. All posts in this thread must be nominations. There is a separate thread for general HotY discussion

Ineligible Hacks:

  • Pokémon Genesis: Author requested removal
  • Pokémon Shiny Gold: Author requested removal
  • Pokémon Ruby Destiny - Life of Guardians: Winner of HotY 2011
  • Pokémon Sienna: Winner of HotY 2010
  • Pokémon Azure Horizons: Winner of HotY 2009
  • Pokémon rijonAdventures: Winner of HotY 2008
  • Pokémon Prism: Winner of HotY 2007
  • Pokémon Liquid Ocean: Winner of HotY 2006
  • Pokémon Naranja: Winner of HotY 2005
  • Pokémon Ice: Winner of HotY 2004

Voting Form:

In order to place your vote, you will have to fill out the form below and post it in this thread.

Best Mapping: 
Best Scripting: 
Most Graphical Appeal: 
Best Story Line: 
Best Gameplay: 
Most Engaging Hack: 
Overall Favourite:
The explanations of each category are as follows:
Best Mapping - The hack with the best maps
Best Scripting - The hack whose scripts impressed you the most
Most Graphical Appeal - The hack with the best overall visual presentation
Best Story Line - The hack with the best plot/story line
Best Gameplay - The hack with the best features and that was the most fun to play
Most Engaging Hack - The hack that kept you the most interested throughout
Overall Favourite - Your personal favourite hack

A hack gets one point for every category in which you vote for it. To demonstrate this, here is an example of a vote:

Originally Posted by Example Vote
Best Mapping: Genesis
Best Scripting: Prism
Most Graphical Appeal: Liquid Ocean
Best Storyline: Prism
Best Gameplay: Sienna
Most Engaging Hack: Life of Guardians
Overall Favourite: Prism
In this demonstration, Prism has three votes while Genesis, Liquid Ocean, Sienna and Life of Guardians hold one vote each.

The three hacks which have the most votes overall, regardless of the categories in which the votes are allocated, will progress to the second and final round where they will be judged by long-standing members of the community for the ultimate Hack of the Year title. In addition, the hack which has the most votes in a single category for this initial round will be awarded with a corresponding title (e.g. Best Mapping).

You have until January 1st to submit your votes. So now all of that is sorted, let the voting begin!

Credits to Hiroshi Sotomura, Manipulation, Thrace, Vrai and colcolstyles for contributing to this thread over the years.