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Here is my first challenge I'm posting on this forum...

So the rules are very, very simple.

1. All your Pokemon must have a BST equal or under 400, no higher.
2. You can use no stat-boosting items whatsoever (this counts for vitamins, x items, and wings)
3. If by the slim chance it catches Pokerus, you must dispose of it
4. You CAN use stat affecting moves however (growl, metal claw, etc)
5. You can use as many Pokemon as you want (1-6)
6. If it evolves into a Pokemon with a BST higher than 400, you must either not evolve it, or get rid of it once it evolves
7. This can be done in any game
8. You can add rules if it means making the game harder
9. HM Slaves are allowed, and can be used in battle unless they have a BST over 400

That does it for the rules. Yes, I'll be participating as well, in Leafgreen. But my team shall remain a secret.

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Here is a ink to all the Pokemon's BSTs

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