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    Hello, all! Name's Zeyon, and I'm a new Trainer to the world of Pokemon. First game I've played (and am currently still playing), is Pearl. My fiance has Diamond, and we also have SoulSilver and HeartGold. We've got every intention of picking up Black and White, as well as Black 2 and White 2.

    Granted, it's considerably late for me to get involved in the Pokemon craze, as it's been out since the 90's, but hey.. who cares, right? Anyway, enough about that. I'm really hoping to get along with everyone here, and have a great time.

    I personally prefer Fire-, Electric- and Fighting-Type Pokemon. My INFERNAPE is pretty nasty, as is my MACHAMP. Granted, I may consider them nasty, but being as I'm not too experienced.. I have no idea how to effectively build my Pokemon up to make them Epic Powerhouses (hoping to learn a few things here).

    Currently, my highest active Pokemon is 45 (INFERNAPE), but I've got a few higher leveled ones from Trades I've done with my fiance. So, yeah.. looking forward to having some fun, and getting to know the Community!
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