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"I love the air. This is so cool. We've got real live Pokemon and we're going on an actual adventure. Are you excited? Because I'm excited," Ericka giggled at his excitement. She could hardly contain hers either, but she had spent most of her time outside. Maybe Timothy was more of an indoors-y kind of person. While Timothy was was flailing about and falling ever so often, she was skipping, Ruby now coiled around her arm. "Oh right, you should tell me about yourself! For all I know, you could be a psychopath. Wait, you're not a psychopath, are you?"

"Not a psychopath," she laughed, spinning herself around a tree. "Are you?" As she spun the full 360 degrees around, she was met with Timothy and his face first into a bush. She laughed again but immediately stopped and jumped back as a bright yellow light flashed from under him. When he got back up to his feet, a tiny, yellow, woollen Pokémon emerged rather angrily from the bush.

"Mareep, the Wool Pokemon. This Electric type Pokemon stores static electricity in its body. If this builds up, its fleece doubles in volume and its tail glows more brightly."

Ericka didn't bother retrieving her own PokéDex, simply listening to Timothy's. Despite how cute the sheep looked, it was also rather angry looking amd perhaps a little annoyed? It didn't stay still for long, charging at Timothy's Shuriken.

"Wah! Look out!"

The Mareep collided with Shuriken, but it didn't really do much. Well, not to Shuriken anyways.

"Oh man, what am I supposed to do?" Timothy looked confused, as if he had never seen a Pokémon battle before. Well, Ericka wasn't experienced either but at least she knew what the general idea was.

"You gotta fight!" Ericka stepped in, putting her arm forward. Ruby flung herself off and fired herself like a torpedo at the Mareep. The collision was about as useless as the last one, but Ericka didn't give up hope. Instead, she pulled her PokéDex out and quickly memorised all of her Pokémon's moves.

"Uh, Ruby! Use Wrap!!" the Dratini launched herself again (the lack of legs probably gave her a slight disadvantage to walking or running) and coiled her body around the Mareep. The sheep let off a few bouts of electricity, but Ruby held fast and squeezed tighter. "Hey! Timmy! Tag team! Get Shuriken to help while the Mareep is tied up!"
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