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    ((Grr... PC ate my large, amazing, epic catch post... Time to repost to the best of my memory...))

    José walked out of the city, Zephyr standing triumphantly atop his head. He soon came to the forest. He knew it had a name, but he never did memorize it. All he knew was that many ugly, disgusting and annoying bug Pokemon lived in there. He hesitated, but Zephyr's eager mood urged him on.

    José shivered as the forest enveloped him, making a sort of eerie twilight. He was walking when a bush began rustling. José stopped dead in his tracks, fear flooding his heart. This was exactly how his encounter with the Scolipede had started...

    A few years back, when he had first come to Dahngrest, he had visited the forest. All the ones at his old home were filled with playful Aipoms and silly Seedot. He had heard a bush rustling, and approached. The Scolipede, who had been devouring its prey, turned on him and attacked. It would have been his death if the Vulpix hadn't come along...

    "Vulpix!" José yelled as the exact same one strut out of the rustling bush. She looked at him intently, and her eyes came to rest on Zephyr. Zephyr jumped down, curious as to who the Vulpix was. They talked among themselves, and eventually started playing. José laughed, and squatted down next to the Vulpix.

    "Perhaps, if you would like to, you could come with Zephyr and I. I would love that." José said. The Vulpix nodded, and scooted back, taking a defensive stance.

    "Alright, if you want to battle first... Zephyr, Bite!" José said, the electricity that battle brought him beginning to course through his veins. Zephyr jumped at Vulpix, who dodged and used Will-O-Wisp. Zephyr yelped as his rear end was burned, and ran back to José.

    "Okay, Zephyr. Calm down and concentrate. Use Dark Puse." José said, slightly calmer. Zephyr was slightly confused at José's sudden change in emotion, but complied, sending a wave of dark energy at Vulpix. In retaliation to this, she used Ember. Zephyr was annoyed by this, and used Bite without José telling him to. José returned him to his ball, just in case if he decided to take this farther than necessary. José then threw a Pokeball that he had bought at the Pokemart on his way out.

    It bumped once, and a new wave of adrenaline pumped into José's system. He knew that this was really his only chance to catch Vulpix. He wondered what she would think if he failed to catch her.

    It bumped a second time. José's heart rate had hit the ceiling. He stared intently at the little red and white orb which contained his friend. It crossed his mind that this Vulpix might not be the savior from his childhood, but he quickly dismissed the idea.

    The Pokeball shook a third and final time. If it was to be a successful catch, He'd hear a click. Time seemed to stop as José's heart raced. Many mixed emotions flew through his brain, distress being the most prominent.