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Omgg that forumset. Minccino is sooo cute and one of my favorite 5th gen Pokemon. I totally approve so never change it ;_; Welcome to the forum, Pizzey~!

Buuut even if it's been a few years, you're never too late to get active here! Like our other awesome members said, we have a nice pixel art section here on PC, so I'm sure you'll like it there. :D Notice you've already posted there, that's awesome. Have any plans to start up a shop or anything, orrr will you mostly just comment on art/open a gallery? I checked out your sprite page from your signature and your sprites are soo good!

But ooo I've always wanted to play Green but every time I remember to I lazy out and forget it all over again. Some of the sprites are.. awful in Green, to say the least. >__>; Anyway, I'm liking you a lot from your intro already, you'll fit in well here for sure. So stick around here and have fun!

See you around~

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