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    Wow.. I never expected such a warm reception! It's true what they've said, I see! The Pokemon Community is friendly, welcoming, warm and helpful! I can already tell that I'm really going to enjoy being here, and getting to know everyone on the Community.

    In regards to acquiring B/W and B2/W2, those are eventual purchases that my fiance and I intend to make. We just dumped the rest of the money we have in our mortgage and cell phone bills, since everything else was taken care of. But we /definitely/ plan on snagging those games up!

    In regards to whether I'm enjoying Pearl? I must say that, yes! I am! I've just completed the Pokemon League, and owned the Champion. Now, I'm working on EV training (if I can figure it out at all. >.<)

    Yes, I do love my INFERNAPE! Though, right now, as stated above.. I'm working on EV training. I'm actually trying to get my Pokemon up to a suitable level by using the Vs. Seeker on the Fisherman on Route 222. I have PALKIA leading the charge, and am splitting the experience with the Exp. Share. Afterwards, I'll be focusing more so on the EV training.

    But! Enough of that! That's not what this topic is for! I'll be adding my Friend Code for Pearl to my signature (HG to come once I start it, as well as the others xD), so anyone interested in adding me, feel free! My game name is also Zeyon, so it's pretty easy.

    I own a copy of Sapphire, but I've never played it. Might check all the older Gen games out, if for nothing else than to simply experience the game, and run around as a Sprite version of Ash. As goofy as that SoB looks. Lol.

    Anyway, again! Thank you everyone! Going to go and lurk the Fourth Gen and Club forums now! Talk to you all soon, I hope!
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