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I think it's mostly up to people to choose what they put in their bodies, but I feel food items need to be labeled correctly in order for people to make the right food choices. If people want to eat nothing except potato chips its up to them to make the choice to eat healthy. The food industry puts out food products that aren't nessesariy heathy, in fact I eat some of these foods, like instant noodles, which contain a ton of salt and other stuff and has little nutricion but I enjoy it. I mostly try to eat healty foods. Its difficult to control what goes in food unless you are making it all from scratch, which is a lot of work and fresh ingredients are expensive. Most people depend on at least some processed food nowadays. I think the information about what is healthy and not needs to be put out there but people also need to seek it out and do research. People need to want to eat healthy food, know where that is and need to be able to get it and afford it. As for Obesity, its not all the food industry's fault or people's. Some people have health conditions that lead them to becoming obese, if they can help it, however, people need to want to be healthy, eat right and exercise.
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