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They talked for a while, discussing everything from the sky to their favorite color. Spark never had a peaceful interaction, discounting her innocent phase. It made her feel human, even at peace. It made her happy.

"Makoto, what do you want to do in this world?" Spark still couldn't move, she was trapped by a benign fate. "Will you look for a peaceful part of this hell?"

Makoto seemed unable to answer her, he honestly didn't know what he was doing, "I was going to live..." Was his only answer.

"Anyone can live though, don't you want happiness?"

"The problem withh happiness is, it is something that is so easy to lose, so easy to have taken... I think it is better to believe it doesn't exist." His words rang to Spark, she could relate.

"But don't you think there was a time where it was easier to stay happy? Don't you think there is a place where most people are happy?"

"Are you happy?"

"I... I guess talking to you makes me happy..." She didn't want to admit it, but it really was a treat to talk to him.

"Well I guess that makes me happy then, but when you leave, or when you die, I will lose my happiness."

"Well isn't it worth it for a few minutes then, since I'm still here?" Spark smiled faintly, "You'll always be sad if you never feel happy, even I have good memories... Can I ask you to do something now?"

"Is it time for me to find that girl?"

"Please bring her here, she should be at the entrance by the time you get there." Spark said. Makoto nodded his head and ran quickly to the entrance. Spark laid in bed very bored and slightly annoyed about how helpless she was.

He ran right to the entrance she spoke of and waited for the girl. Eventually a pair did walk up, the girl matching the description he was given. He walked up to them casually and bowed, "I h-have a message for you Aria..." He looked down at the ground, "P-please come with me?"
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