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>Spend ages writing 20 lines worth of 'what does your character look like'. Nobody else does. igsbiguabs

Name: "Princess" Lilly

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Nationality: American

Character: Peach

Differences: Lilly is a lithe young lady sporting a feminine hourglass figure and a rather healthy body build. You'd be hard pressed to know this just by looking at her however, as she wears a very formal looking pink dress. The dress has quite a few decorative layers split down the middle in various different shades of pink, the lightest of which is almost white, and several of the layers have ornate artwork on them. The skirt portion of her dress is a somewhat subtle hoop skirt, accentuating her hips and hiding her legs completely from view in most instances. If one were to catch a view of said legs however (ಠ_ಠ) they would find that she wears a pair of red high-heels that frankly look difficult to run in, as well as knee-high white stocking that have a nice, pretty pattern at the opening but are otherwise unremarkable.

Lilly's top is also split down the middle, a frilly light pink layer running straight up the center of her chest straight down to her skirt. The upper portion of this layer is adorned with some simply designs and a very large blue gem rimmed with gold, neither the gem nor gold furnishings of questionable authenticity. The top portion of her dress appears to have been fitted, and compliments her mildly generous bust. The top portion of her dress' shoulder areas is rather poofy, only marginally below the point where it would start to look comical. A short, subtle cloth collar covers a small portion of her lower neck complete with wavy design. Her otherwise bare arms are mostly covered by long satin gloves with exceedingly subtle patterns on them of a slightly different color that are literally almost invisible to the naked eye. The openings of her gloves are slightly flared, with a gold rimming. Somewhat appropriately she does not wear a ring, signifying that she is not taken and still a princess as opposed to a full-on queen. (Or at least, cosplaying a princess.)

(Note. The only difference from the neck down is the presence of stockings, disregarding the fact that I chose not to mention her skin color there.)

Lilly's skin is a nice olive tone of indeterminate racial background. She sports semi-subtle makeup at all times including a rather subtle pink'ish red'ish lipstick, illuminator, and eyeliner. She also sports curled lashes, but otherwise tends to skip out on the rest in favor of saving time. Lilly's hair is a nice reddish auburn color, ironically causing her to resemble a certain other damsel in distress that predates Princess Peach herself. Said hair is long and styles in an extremely similar manner to Peach herself. Her eyes are a deep shade of blue and she has a significant ammount of freckles adorning her cheeks. She wears gold earrings with somewhat large blue globe-shaped decorations hanging off of them. Lastly but not least, she wears a rather fancy golden crown atop her head, adorned with several more sapphire gems and one pink gem on the very front. The crown has very large ridges around it's top that can quickly become terrifyingly dangerous when removed for improvised combat.

Roleplay Sample: Lilly shielded her eyes, trying to get a good look up at an unforgiving sun as she looked around at her surroundings, somewhat disheveled from the trip. Being caged like an animal had not been pleasant, and the seeming prospect of being lost as all get out was only marginally better. Man, she wasn't prepared for this sort of thing! She needed food, and shelter, neither of which she knew how to get. This entire trip was already turning out to be a disaster zone. She was too young to die!

She kind of wished she had bothered to make an umbrella for her costume, honestly. No offense to princesses everywhere but this getup was /exceedingly/ warm.

Regardless--As she painstakingly made her way across the wild terrain in her high-heeled she abruptly became aware that she was not alone. Something with an eerie skin tone had just made it's way into her line of sight. She turned to observe and--Oh god what the heck was /that/?! She was a bit put off to say the least. To her surprise, or perhaps angst, the 'humanoid' being, humanoid being used somewhat lightly, spoke to her. It wasn't lizard-speak either. Lizard-men were kind of scary yo. If she seemed unnerved it didn't seem to bother her visitor however, who promptly began to lay down some facts and explain a few questions Lilly hadn't even thought to ask. Before she knew it there were talks of bombs and the universe going boom! Something about powers and--She wanted /Lilly's/ help? Lilly was a bit put off by this, honestly. I don't even lift, bro. I mean, did she really look like a hero to this... lizard-person? Lizard-man? Lizard-girl? ...Bowser's wife? It was decidedly difficult for her to discern what she was dealing with, but she declined to comment out loud in favor of not embarrassing herself. No time like being stranded and in danger of dying to practice some civility in an otherwise absurd situation, right?

"Um--Alright... But what can I do?" she asked in an ever so innocent tone, having completely forgotten about the prospect of powers somewhere along the line. It was then that the lizard-person re-explained the prospect of powers, simultaneously gracing a bewildered Lilly with them. In all frankness, the conversation was one-sided and just left Lilly staring with a concerned look on her face. What' you talkin' 'bout, Lizard-Willis? It wasn't that she was stupid or anything. This just wasn't something she was mentally or emotionally prepared for. In all honesty she probably would've wrapped her head around it given some time to really absorb the info, but the other being decidedly moved to help her rather than leave it to her to figure out on her own. Cammy moved in and.. gently tickled the bridge of Lilly's nose, eliciting a light blush from the other girl coupled with an appropriately weirded-out expression. Personal space aside, it didn't take long for a tingling sensation to grace her nostrils. She immediately cupped her hands over her nose in anticipation, but the sneeze was delayed. Decidedly, she turned around out of politeness and allowed the inevitable to happen.

She sneezed. Next thing she knew she was sitting atop the lizard-person, who had been thrown onto her back on impact. When she had sneezed she had felt her feet immediately lift the ground, and she had been thrown butt-first backwards--directly into the person she had been trying not to be rude towards. Oh--Oh okay... super butt-strength works. Thanks lizard-person!~ After a moment of finally wrapping her head around what had just happened she looked down and realized she was still using her benefactor as a cushion and got up. She found it surprisingly easy despite her heels. She felt light as a feather! Actually, that was kind of trippy. She testily shifted her weight from hip to hip, finding that she indeed felt as if gravity had been given the day off.

An amused--Was she amused actually? Lilly couldn't read lizard-expressions if her life depended on it. Regardless, a seemingly amused Cammy got to her feet and took one of Lilly's hands in a gentle manner. At first Lilly was a tad nervous, but a reassuring grip seemed to tell her she was safe. It became comforting even as the lizard person continued on to explain that she had been graced with magic and the manifested power of feminine grace.

"So--...So my power is... girl power?" Lilly asked, a subtle tone that suggested she found the notion humorous in her voice. Actually, this wasn't half bad! She could get used to having girl power as a super power, or at least that was her first impression of it. Apparently she could wreck a dude with her backside and float through the air with all the grace of a butterfly. That was the catch though. Her power was proportional to how much grace she showed. It was explained to her that if she tried to forsake grace and femininity her powers would most likely cease to function properly. On the other hand, if she /did/ stay true to these values, she could not only float like a butterfly but sting like a bee. Lastly, but far from least, she discovered that she had a hammerspace dress. The other girl had to demonstrate this concept to her, as it once again left her bewildered. Searching hands slipped between the folds of her dress and came out with... a golf club? Well that was much better than expected! Awkwardness aside, it was hard for her to feel any sort of tension with the lizard person due to the species barrier. No offense, Cammy.

Lilly promptly attempted to shove the golf club back into her dress and was met with success. This was amazing! Could her heels cure cancer?? ...No, but there was more stuff in the hammerspace-dress and pulled out a frying pan, and then a tennis racket. It was explained that different sections of the dress held different items. Lilly promptly went exploring and found such things as a parasol, cosmetics, and Toad tea. Sorry, what? Yes, tea. She pulled out a set of china complete with included liquid ready to serve.

...Well okay then! Lilly promptly poured herself a cup and took a sip, choosing not to look a gift horse in the mouth. She offered some to the lizard-person but the other politely declined, stating that time was of the essence. There were also apparently others to attend to. It wasn't until after Cammy had left that Lilly realized she was in fact still going to be stuck on the island. It wasn't the best revelation, but at least now she had a consolation prize in the form of super powers! They even seemed to make walking in her heels easier on her feet, though speed was still an issue.

There was still however the issue much bigger issue of saving the known universe. Sure, she wasn't exactly opposed to the idea. It wasn't a difficult decision to make. Did you want the universe to explode, or did you want to continue existing? Oh, you're comfortable with your existence? Well all right then! The difficulty came from /how/ she was going to do this. She got the impression she needed to find someone. Maybe the person that was behind all this? Was she supposed to fling herself at him until things happened? Perhaps a stern talking to? Somehow she got the impression the latter wouldn't be very effective, but time would tell.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~