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    If I seem to be lacking in content I'm just a click and a few keys away!

    Name: Drew Diamond

    Gender: Male

    Age: (14 – 25): 17
    Nationality: American (Kidnapped from Japan)

    Character: Toon Link

    Differences/Appearance: Drew is Black Haired but otherwise his hair is the exact same "look" as Toon Link's although he dyed it blond to resemble his favorite character. Also even though Toon Link is usually Depicted as Left handed, Drew is Ambidextrous although he can't write with his left hand. Drew's eyes are black similar to Toon Link's and he is 5 ft. 9.. He has a thoroughly slim build and has no trained upper muscles although he is a skilled camper and whose fishing ability excels far beyond the norm. He totes a plastic sword, identical to the Mater Sword, which is kept on the scabbard on his back and but also a real bow and quiver. He don's the green/brown garb that Link is commonly associated with. Unlike Toon Link he wears Brown Gloves and his scabbard is attached via sash. He has a shield also made of plastic but it is modeled after the Mirror shield.

    Roleplay Sample: Drew's eyes opened and everything appeared blurry and painful to look at so he immediately squinted. He felt a soreness in all of his limbs and his neck legs felt the most, almost as if he had been hung upside down by his legs from a helicopter. He heard nothing but the sound of the woods, something he was accustomed to. Seagulls chirping in the distance, and water flowing, sounds of a shoreline. Eyes still closed, he felt the ground around him and immediately jumped up to his feet however dizzy. He opened his eyes and let them adjust to the light. As his vision focused he saw that he was standing on what was presumably a beach, sand crunching, unsettled beneath his feet and soon, water flowed to the level of his toe, the warmth of it awaking Drew's senses. Taking a large intake of air through the nose, he immediately smelled the aroma of the sea that seemed to welcome him. He looked into his reflection in the water and saw he was still in his cosplay outfit. He straightened his hat and brushed all the sand off his outfit before walking a little bit more inland so the tide wouldn't reach him.

    Before he could sit down and think he noticed a change of the wind and a shadow fly over him then light shined into his face from the sun. The thing the flew over him was heading at him from the direction the sun was in the silhouette resembled a dragon like creature with Humanoid figure. Drew stood paralyzed with awe as the creature landed in front of him, sending sand flying all around him in something of a cloud. He covered his eye with his right hand and readied his left hand on his bow ready to fire. As the sand settled, Drew's eyesight adjusted to the creature and it was pure white, the light seemed to emanate off it. He was filled with not fear but with amazement.

    Regaining mobility he slowly stepped backwards and removed his bow off his back with his left hand, his right already drawing the string back with an arrow loaded. "Don't be afraid" said the Creature focusing intently on him.

    "I am Camella and I am on your side, though I can't say the same for my brother, who is the reason why you are here. I am here to grant you abilities of your character to help you defend yourself." said Camella, slightly taller than Drew but seeming to tower over him. "You are on Augustine Island and my brother is hunting you. I have bestowed powers to you and making your equipment the real thing".

    At that moment Drew felt a weight pull down on his back, where his fake plastic sword was replaced with a real Master Sword which seemed to intake all of the light around it and vanquish all the fear in Drew's heart and he pulled it out of it's ceremonial yellow and blue scabbard. His shield because heavier two but Drew also didn't have as much trouble carrying it. Light reflected Off of his mirror shield allowing Drew to see his own reflection as he turned it around. A few items such as bombs and a boomerang were now in his arsenal and he knew that this was no joke at that moment.

    "Now I must go and help the others" said Camella, raising her wings for flight, and apparently not as surprised about the new coming of events as Drew was.

    "Wait Camella!" said Drew feeling fear creeping back into his heart as he felt a sense of desperation. "Maybe I can go with you."

    "Alas I cannot do that but remember this: 'Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with' so go on without heisitation and find the others." She said before propelling into the sky at jet speed leaving because something of small hope in desperation in Drew.

    Trying to figure out why and how he ended up in an odd location he walked along the beach hoping to find another person. He remembered seeing a green shell with spike protruding out the back but his memory was foggy and he couldn't accurately remember anything else about his kidnapping. He remembered that he was in Japan with his brother at a cosplay event for Smash Bros: Battle.

    He pondered why he ended up in a forested area. With no choices besides sitting where he was and getting caught or going into the forest and finding companionship, he chose the latter and walked into the woods with his mind somewhat in a jumble.