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Name: James Chleevas, "JayC"
Age: 21
Nationality: European, in England
Character: Meta Knight

*image represents him after he has been granted powers

James wears a plain white T-shirt, black leather jacket and boots and lighter black jeans, as to represent his own image of Meta Knight. A brown belt hangs across his chest, holding the sheath of his plastic weapon on his back. Much to his dismay, his sword doesn't have the spikes Meta Knight's blade has, as he was unable to find one resembling it. Due to his wings being made from paper mache, he was unable to put a cape over them.

He has dark and golden hair, originally green eyes and a strange accent that doesn't seem english or american.

Roleplay Sample:

The wooden crate lay broken on the shore behind him, the waves slowly pulling its remains in. He was staring at the trees just off the beach, his hands on his waist. The mask of Meta Knight was thrown in the sand in front of him, but the paper wings were still attached to his black leather jacket.

"Look at this place!" he exclaimed, surprise and confusion mixed into one expression. Anger arrived soon enough, making him throw his hands in the air in a comical way. "**** this place!"

James sat on his ankles, completely lost as to what to do next. The breeze blew through his golden hair, and the smell of the sea was bothering his nostrils. The intense sun was disturbing as well - he wasn't used going out at this time. At this time, he was supposed to be home, away from all this. This only happened in movies, he kept telling himself. But serves him right for trying being somebody from a fictional game... but wait, wasn't the one who kidnapped him a fictional being in the first place?

His thoughts were abruptly interrupted by the intense sun. No, it had gotten more intense, so intense that he had to protect his eyes from the light. When it finally faded, a dragon-like figure was standing in front of him. He blinked a few times, wondering if this was a mind trick.

"Oh great! Now I'm seeing things!"

But the more he looked at the humanoid, the more he believed in his eyes - it seemed more genuine. His breath quickened and his heart drummed, the pupils of his green eyes dilated. All he had to defend himself was a plastic sword sheathed on his back.

"No, you are not," she said. "There is no reason to worry. I am not your enemy," she said, raising her hand reassuringly. James was convinced and his stance relaxed a bit.

"I am Camelia," she introduced herself.

"I'm JC," he said, a faint smile on his face; though he was still keeping his guard up, in case the being was deceiving him. Strangely, he accepted the mind blowing fact that a humanoid dragon was standing in front of him quite easily. Keeping his calm was one of his traits, thankfully.

"JC, listen to me," Camelia uttered in a slightly sad tone. James nodded, slightly tilting his head to make her go on. "I was the one who rescued you from those beings... my brother, Insane--"

"Your brother is insane?"

"No, no. His name is Insane."

James looked at her in disbelief. "Are you serious?"

"Yes, quite. You seem more baffled by my brother's name, than my appearance."

"I watch a lot of TV, I guess."

"Oh.. um, look. He's planning to do something... something horrible. I have been hiding from him, and I intend to stop him, but I cannot do it alone."

"I'm in," James exclaimed, flashing her his white smile and giving her thumbs up. He didn't need to find out that she was the good one in the whole hypothesis to be supportive - changing sides was always possible.

"Ah, but it will not be easy... my brother commands an army of evil beings. I shall grant you powers equals to the character you are dressed as, Meta Knight... Please, wear your mask, and do not ever remove it."

"Why not?" James inquired curiously and looked down, where the mask lay upside down. He'd thrown it away once he was out of the crate. Picking it up and cleaning it off, he wore it. The black cord holding it onto his face was burried under his golden hair.

"Because he never would," Camelia said calmly.

"I see," he replied in the same manner. "I'm ready. Do your thing, rock my world."

"This is serious."

"Doesn't hurt to joke a little, jeez."

She quietly reached to him with her hand, and he realized she was closer than he originally thought. A light came off from her hand and he felt energized, infused with knowledge he'd never imagine having; he realized he now knew how to swing a sword, or flap the wings attached on his jacket. The sheath on his back got tremendously heavy, but he discovered that he could take the weight - it was the sword, that was now made of gold, just like Meta Knight's. His mask latched onto his face, as if it didn't want to go off.

He had momentarily closed his eyes, but when he opened them, Camelia was gone. He was completely alone.

"At last!" he exclaimed, inhaling and exhaling hungrily. He wasn't sure he liked this dragon. She had horns, and pointy objects were usually bad omens. But the sword sure was cool. He unsheathed it, expecting his arms to just let it drop it due to its weight, but he could lift it just fine, and use it perfectly as if he had trained for years. He pointed it towards the forest and spread his black wings.

"Fight me!" James shouted, just like Meta Knight would. Then he bursted into laughter, expecting to wake up soon.

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