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    The truth is an ugly thing isn't it?

    If my bully died (I don't have a bully), and if it was someone who was bullying me for most of my life, I'd be...glad they couldn't bully me anymore. I'd feel indifferent to their death. They never had anything to do with me other than make me feel miserable every day. Maybe I'd also have a feeling of delight. "They deserve it".
    Although that'd be morally corrupt and completely ignorant, at the time it would be difficult to hide that unhealthy happiness.
    I'd learn the fragility of life if someone who has always been bigger and stronger than me suddenly just went bye bye forever.

    Ugh, that's a really tough question.

    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    But when they're dead, it's like...are you dishonoring the dead by thinking ill of them? It's all just strange, isn't it?
    It's subjective. You can say that it is okay to dishonour Stalin or Hitler etc because they killed millions of innocent people with no motive. Others will argue against that. Every life is precious, but every day people talk badly of dead people.

    If you feel it's okay to be not necessarily happy but glad/apathetic, then yeah, go for it.
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